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“What’s with this survey” you thought to yourself. Slowly blinking your eyes, you struggled to even raise your paw to answer the next question. “What’s even a… Hippo- Something.” Your eyes slowly switched from the words to other things around the room just to rest your eyes. The hallways seemed to go on forever as you peeked down them. Some doors lined the hallways, but it was impossible for you to have read every one of the signs.
“Daycare Room…” Your mind blanked as you tried to answer the next question. Shocked, you looked at your response before quickly erasing it in embarrassment. “Ugh, why did I do that?” You spent a moment thinking that to yourself, but instead, your mind began to wander once again to what could have been through those doors.
In a moment, you just jotted down the last few answers and signed. Shortly after you sluggishly got up from your seat with wide and glazed over eyes and smiled at the receptionist as you shoved the clipboard back across the front desk.
“All done?” She asked before you nodded in response. “Okay, one moment, let me take this to the higher ups! Please give me a moment.” You silently agreed before watching her walk away through the door just behind the front desk.
“Hmmm.” Instantly, your mind began to wander, and so your footpaws followed. You took a moment to look around the facility a little bit, searching through the doors lining the hallways. “So this is the entrance to the hospital?” you said as you examined the first door. “And the stairs are right here… But to where.” you wondered. “Daycare Room!” your eyes began to light up in curiosity as you approached the door.
You were waiting for this from the moment you heard you could choose this route, but there were still things you needed to do. Regardless, you excitedly put your ear against the door just to hear the sounds of the children playing within.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 29 July 2021


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