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To your surprise, you didn’t immediately hear the sound of bantering youngins and for a moment, it was only silence. Soon your sensitive ears were able to pick up on some approaching footsteps. You continued to listen until it sounded like the pair of clicking shoes had entered and settled into the room.
“We got em hooked.”
“This business deal is probably the best one yet.”
“Think it’ll fall through.”
“Of course not. We’ve taken every possible precaution.”
“At least we’re insured.”
“Not even gonna need it.”
“Always good to have a plan B.”
“Listen here... We HAVE a plan B, C, D, E!... We’re set for life,”
“I’ll take your word on it.
“When have I ever steered you wrong.” Their voices were muffled, and you could just barely hear the difference in them. You stayed crouched below the door as you held your mouth shut in shock. You almost couldn’t believe or even understand what you were hearing, but you realized that something more was going on here.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 30 July 2021


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