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I would like to join the hunt emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

'I would like to join the hunt" you say.


He nods "One of the good things about that for you is the clothing. you won't have to go around nearly naked. It is a bit of a journey though ot of the city"


"How do we get there?" you ask.




He walks down a nearby set of stairs , which you follow him down. You arrive at a station and after getting yourself set up with a ticket you are soon on the train heading out of the city.


You and him both sit on one of the seats of the train. You look around at a few other people wondering if they were thinking about you. That thought is soon answered by the wolf whistles directed at you.


"I will be glad when I have some decent clothes" you say to your guide "I can see why it is one of their first purchases."


He nods "Most of the newcommers want to get working right away for that reason so they can get something more covering"


"Yeah I guess geting a job here is easy. I mean unless I have like some made up history for this, I am more or less like an illigal alien." You say.


"Oh, you do have some history provided along with the skills nessary for the world. How else do you think you got your ID?" is the response.


"True" you say thinking about the ID showing that you are female.


The rest of the journey passes as the two of you talk and you soon arive at the end of the line.


"The train doesn't go out of the city?" you ask in disbelief.
"Not this one, the trains to other cities leave from the center and are a lot faster. More expensive too. Anyway their is a short walk now to the hunters camp."


You nod and follow him outside of the city and soon arrive at a small camp on the edge of a large forest.


You enter and after introducing yourself soon have a uniform designed to help you hide in the forest. You are then assigned to a group and are taken to a field so that you can pratice together.


The others say that you are a natural at this, and even you are suprised by this. By midday you are all working together as a well-oiled team and are ready to take down bigger pray

Written by catprog + Dark Souls on 06 March 2012

Both Leader talk

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