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When Daniel finally woke back up everything was foggy and cloudy. There was this overwhelming numbness to everything as he sat up on the dingy cot in the poorly lit room somebody had dumped him in. Even that tail he could hardly control seemed to be tired and limp, no longer flicking about without his consent.


As everything slowly bled back into focus, Daniel realized very quickly what had occurred. His chest, once smooth and flat, now was now anything but. He curiously poked his chest, shuddering at the all too real sensitivity of it all. “Th-they said they were implants,” Daniel murmured, his voice all rough and scratchy. “Wh-what the hell…?”


In fact, the more Daniel looked himself over, the less he felt like himself. His body felt larger in a way, his hips were wider and his waist more thin. And, most startling, his, or rather, her plumbing was anything but what he had grown up with. It seemed that Daniel had become a woman. The hair on his chest had vanished into his smooth skin, yet surprisingly his arms and legs seemed just as hairy as before, if not a little harrier than when he had fallen asleep. It was, however, impossible for him to be sure given how woozy he still felt.


She stood up slowly, her taller body and all the additions that came with it feeling almost as disorienting as the drugs she had pumped full of earlier. Hopes that this was all some insane dream felt too distant to even cling to as she observed her small cell. It wasn’t much, a cot, a toilet, and a sink were the only things in the square room besides herself. The concrete walls and steel door sure didn’t help make the atmosphere any more inviting either.


Written by Kolaghan on 11 March 2018

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