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Daniel tried her best to ignore the strangeness of being a girl. That was something easier said than done however. Every movement he made caused his new “assets” to respond with motion of their own. After years of general disinterest in the subject Daniel was finally able to grasp the reason for bras and their usefulness in providing support. Of course, out of either a cruel joke or general lack of interest, no such garments were supplied to Daniel. So she was stuck with every humiliating bounce with no way to remedy it in sight.


Day after day Daniel hoped for release from this nightmare, or at the very least some form of comfort in her body. No amount of time however seemed to be able to lessen the feeling that she was not in her own body. It was, of course, the right feeling to have. No amount of persuasion could have ever convinced Daniel in that moment that she was truly a woman. But, despite that, a part of Daniel began to wish that she could fool herself into thinking otherwise. Daniel would try to convince herself that the thought was dumb, that there was no way in hell getting comfy was the right answer to all of this. But the thought remained, nagging her consistently.


After some time of trying to supress that urge for normalcy, Daniel started to sing. It started harmlessly enough. Daniel was trying to fight of the immense boredom and idly began talking to herself. Normally that would have freaked her out and made her think she was going crazy. But she rationalized it as testing out her new voice in assumption that she would be stuck with it for the foreseeable future. The mindless recitation of tongue twisters and random words soon gave way to her quietly singing songs.


It wasn’t anything outrageously special but it was mildly interesting to say the least. Daniel had never had much of a singing voice prior to this, but now what came out of her mouth actually sounded sort of nice. It was rough of course, the dry scratchiness in her voice had only recently begun to fade, but with each day it sounded better than the last. Daniel wasn’t sure how they should take the improvement. Was it a good sign, their body recovering after the sex change? Or were they falling into a role they weren’t sure they were willing to fill? Was the gradual improvement of her voice just the first step onto a slippery slope?

Written by Kolaghan on 15 March 2018

Surgery Again

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