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She keeps singing and suddenly finds herself back in the surgery room. "How did I get here?" she asks looking around.


"Welcome to Project Regensis. We are lucky, another couple of days and you would of been lost to us. But now with your lovely voice, you have joined our group" says a surgeon from behind her.


"I just want you to make me normal again." Daniel says to him.


"But normal is so boring, and your treatments are irreversible anyway. Anyway it is time for your next appointment."


The doctor takes out a remote and pushes a button. Daniel freezes up and the doctor lies her on the bed. "Thank you for removing your robe, this makes the process so much easier. "


Daniel mummers only realizing now that somewhere along the way she had removed what little clothing they had left her.


The surgeon lifts up a series of long thin bones. "Now for the first step. We will be replacing your fingers with wing bones."


Daniel gulps as she hears the surgical saw start up and she falls into a sleep as the anesthetic finally kicks in.


Written by catprog on 03 November 2018

The end (for now)

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