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She wasn’t given much time to ponder that question. Not to long into her exploits in singing she began to notice something amiss with her tail. The tail itself felt amiss, but now even that was changing further. The feline tail has gotten fluffier, the dark brown of it having shifted towards a more reddish tint. The tuft of fur that once topped it had shifted to a small tip of white fur. Daniel poked at the soft appendage as it wiggled about behind her as if nothing had changed. She was not sure how to respond to the new fox tail.


Next she noticed that the hairs on her arms and legs had begun to grow more pronounced. In fact the hairs had even begun to encroach upon the parts of her body that were once hairless. Those parts that already had hair now were growing clumps of the stuff, small patches of red hairs the same color as her tail. There wasn’t anything else at that point, but it was certainly enough to concern Daniel.


At first she assumed it was something in her food that was causing the escalation. She stopped eating all together for a few days to test the theory. It was arduous to say the least. Despite the meager and wholly mediocre offerings that made up her meals, the comfort they provided her was underappreciated until then. Her stomach would howl and growl in protest as she sat about, practically demanding that she feast on the mystery meat and bread she had been provided. The will to keep up her test wavered however as she noticed a new patch of soft white fur on her belly after a few mornings. Daniel recognized that there was a chance that whatever may have been in the food had not worked its way out of her system yet. But by then she really just couldn’t care less, she just wanted to eat.

Written by Kolaghan on 21 March 2018


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