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One morning Daniel woke up with the taste of blood in her mouth. She was very concerned by that at first. Her mind assumed the worst, that she was having some negative reaction to these changes and her body was going to start failing on her. However, once she had calmed enough to investigate the source of the bleeding, things seemed far less grim. As it turned out, Daniel’s teeth had grown out and reshaped over night. Once a fairly standard set of human teeth had become full of sharp, canine teeth.


Daniel washed her mouth out in the small sink before examining her new fangs. She ran her tongue over their tips, almost entranced by how sharp they had become. If she wasn’t careful, it would have been very possible to cut her tongue open right then and there. Her daily meal was slid through the door as she gawked at herself.


Instead of the usual meal there was instead a large thermos placed in the middle of the tray.. Nothing seemed particularly notable about the container itself, just a simple stainless steel thermos. What did catch Daniel’s eyes however was the sheet of paper that accompanied the thermos. She could scarcely believe that she had been given a message from anybody as she scurried over to read the paper.


“You have been chosen for an experimental treatment. Drink the contents of the thermos within the next two hours or void your eligibility for the experiment. The alternative is life imprisonment in this cell.”

Written by Kolaghan on 28 March 2018


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