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Daniel read the brief message to herself several times. For barely a paragraph of information it sure did raise a lot of questions. One things was fairly certain for Daniel however, there was no way they could possible refuse whatever it was. The mere thought spending the rest of their life alone in this cell made her shudder. If there was even a slim chance that drinking whatever was in that thermos would get her out of that cell, she’d have to take that chance.


She sat the paper back down and grabbed the thermos. A thick liquid sloshed around in the container. The thermos was ice cold, as if it had just been plucked from the freezer or something. Daniel tried her hardest to ignore any nagging doubts or worries as she unscrewed the top. A sniff of the stuff gave no distinct indication of an aroma, it was like taking a whiff of tap water.


After a moment of shaky hesitation she raised the thermos to her lips. Her eyes clamped shut as the first trickle of the viscous fluid tickled her tongue. Just as how it lacked any specific scent, there was no flavor to the liquid. It did not expand past texture, even as it slowly lurched down her throat she couldn’t really describe anything else about it. In some ways that was a nice surprise, better to have no flavor than a bad one, but in other ways, it just compounded more and more foreboding weirdness onto the whole thing.


The more she drank the easier it seemed to flow. The viscosity hadn’t changed, but the inhibitions that Daniel had began to lessen and weaken. Her heart rate slowed, her eyelids grew somewhat droopy, and a strange haze of drowsiness snuck up on her. Before she knew it she had guzzled back the whole container. She wiped her mouth as the thermos slipped out from her weak grip and bounced off the ground with a thud.

Written by Kolaghan on 14 April 2018

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