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Having suddenly became a woman posed a lot of strange questions for Daniel. Was she still herself? Was she still Daniel? Or had she become something or somebody entirely different? It was scary to think about, and the loneliness of her imprisonment left her all to much time to dwell on the thought.


Every time she accidentally touched her breasts she recoiled. There was a strange mix of shame and embarrassment to having them, it was tough to feel remotely normal whenever she felt them. It didn’t help that her mind wandered to thoughts like “Are mine average sized? A little small? Slightly big?” Things like that had never even come close to crossing her mind before. Never in her entire life did she expect to ever suddenly become a woman.


After some time she realized that she didn’t actively hate the body. It was foreign and still felt wrong to her, but she didn’t hate being in it. Slowly but surely a strange sense of normality began to grow out from inside of her. In some ways the fact that she was starting to feel desensitized was worse than feeling weird and gross about being a woman. It almost felt like she was resigning to this messed up fate.


Written by Kolaghan on 14 March 2018

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