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Daniel wasn’t sure how long it was before the door to their cell opened. Their only real indicator of the passage of time was the occasional plate of food being slid through a hatch. The drugs had long since worn off, leaving Daniel to simply stew in absolute boredom. It was the worst kind of punishment, one where there was absolutely nothing to but sulk.


That’s why Daniel was half excited when the bulky metal door swung open. There was hope in her eyes as she looked over, a part of him praying that it was the police or one of her friends had come to rescue her. Instead it was one of the scientists from before, the woman to be exact. She gave Daniel no time to even think of jumping her, aiming that tranquilizer from before at her as she strolled in.


“If you play nice, you won’t have to go to sleep again. Sound good?” The woman sounded almost bored as she stood over Daniel. There was this feeling that she really did not want to be there there.


The scientist woman wasn’t even directly looking over at Daniel. Her gaze was cast down at the phone in her hand. If Daniel felt more brave and daring she could have jumped up and tried to disarm her. And a part of did want to jump up and take action, to be more than a hapless victim. However, fear of what may happen if she tried to rebel kept her from doing anything more than whimpering out her reply.


“P-Please let me go, you already made me a g-” Daniel began to stammer out an appeal until a stinging sensation in their neck cut off their train of thought


Written by Kolaghan on 20 March 2018


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