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At first Daniel assumed that she had been shot again. However the gun was aimed at her chest, not her neck. It seemed that while Daniel had been talking the woman had swiftly injected her with something. The speed at which she went from staring at her phone boredly to jabbing Daniel was almost impressive, although Daniel had far more pressing things on her mind. Seeing the needle stuck in her neck instantly made Daniel panick. She fell back on the cot with a yowl while she yanked it out.


“Wh-what was that?!” Daniel asked as she rubbed her neck.


The hairs on her arms grew out more and more as she looked up expectantly at the scientist. Within moments there was a clear division between the skin on her arms and that on her torso. Everything past her shoulder quickly grew hairier and hairier while the immaculate smoothness of her torso remained.


The more the dark hairs grew, the more Daniel’s fingers grew sore. After mere minutes her hands were balled up in awkward fists, thick fur coated nearly every inch of her arms. She barely felt her thumb recede, losing any opposability as a sharp claw grew from the tip of it. After a minute her hands were paws, incapable of grabbing or properly holding anything.


Daniel whimpered, poking at her hands and their padded undersides. They weren’t hands at all anymore, instead brownish paws matching the color of her tail.


“Just stop this! Please!” Daniel pleaded. Her arms felt so stiff. They could hardly even bend properly anymore, as if her elbows weren’t quite like she remembered them. It took great effort to just move her arms like she once did, and it lead to a slight throbbing pain when she tried.


“I can see that you want to get this over with. Fine, we can push things along.” The scientist woman raised the tranquilizer gun again.


This time the sharp pain was actually the dart lodging itself into Daniel, that same drowsy feeling returned all to quickly. Before Daniel passed out once more she saw a few more people enter the room. A stretcher was wheeled in and Daniel was put onto it, too tired to start dreading what would come next.


Written by Kolaghan on 26 March 2018


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