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Daniel had no dreams while she slept. Those who operated on her kept her asleep for hours on end. Every time it seemed like she might get close to waking up she was injected with more of the sedative. It was an act of mercy for the young woman as well as a measure to prevent her from causing any damage to either herself or the staff.


An intense and numerous series of injections marked the bulk of the procedure. First were the legs. Much like her arms, fur coated them quickly and wholly. Her feet shifted, becoming almost indistinguishable from her hands as they too became simple paws. Dark claws extended and retracted as Daniel shifted and moved in her medically induced sleep.


Next however was the truly intensive part. From the her neck to her tail needles where injected down the length of her spine. New injections were also administered to her arms and legs as the very structure of her body began to shift. A very human skeletal structure cracked and shifted to a more feline one. Her spine shifted and gained the dexterity of a cat. Daniel stretched a little under her restraints as the change happened, a slight grimace on her sleeping face.


Her arms and legs bulked up. The once rather average appendages grew stronger and more toned as their structures reformed to fit the changing body. Within minutes the already similar arms and legs were simply a set of lion’s legs.


Something that would normally be nightmare inducing or mind shatteringly painful. But for Daniel none of this was the case, for these intense changes all were smothered under the thick blanket of deep sleep. Bits of feeling were able to sometimes cause the sleeping victim to stir and shift, but the drugs she was being pumped with kept her down and out.


Written by Kolaghan on 03 April 2018


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