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It was almost a full calendar day before Daniel finally began to stir once more. A tired yawn escaped their mouth as their sharp claws dug into the cheap fabric of her cot. She was lying on her stomach, not at all how Daniel normally sleeps, and her whole body felt off. An attempt to rub her face was met with her arm being nearly incapable of turning to have her former palm ruber her cheek. It was more comfortable and far easier for her to use the back of her paw to do so.


Upon sitting up the scope of how wrong everything was began to grow clear. She was picturing sitting up normally, resting on her knees as she looked around. Instead however she found herself sitting squarely on her bottom. A glance further down her body showed olive skin from her waist up and brown fur everywhere below.


“Oh what in the…?” she grumbled. Over the past couple days her Adam’s Apple had receded back and thusly changed her voice to an even more effeminate tone.


Her backside was that of a lion. There was no way to sugar coat it. It was as if she had been combined with one of the large cats in her sleep and turned into some strange amalgam of the two. Her muddled, cloudy mind was unable to put together any solid reasoning to what he was at the time. Instead all she could really do was sit there in a stupor as she waited for clarity to return to her.


Written by Kolaghan on 19 April 2018


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