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After some waiting and some gradual restoration of feeling in her body, Daniel decided to try moving with her strange new form. With a deep breath she scooted towards the edge of her cot. Her front paws shook with nervousness as she lowered them to the ground. The feeling of her rough paw paws touching the cold ground sent a slight shiver down her spine.


She tried her best to ignore that as she launched outward with her hind legs. She lurched forward instantly, falling flat on her face with a little thud against the concrete. The sound that escaped her mouth as she landed was a mixture of a yowl and a defeated whimper. It was obvious that getting used to her new posture and stance would take some time to get used to.


Now that she was off the bed, Daniel tried standing up. It was no surprise to her that once she stood up that she naturally defaulted to standing on all fours. Unlike crawling around like a child, there was a sort of natural comfort to the stance. Something deep within Daniel felt like this was right. That in a way made the whole thing feel worse for her. She started to pace around the room. Her were steps shaky and uneven, an issue that no amount of casual pacing was going to be able to fix that. All she could do was try and find some sort of comfort in walking around, and even that was tough. After some time she just sat down in the corner of the room and waited for food to come.


Written by Kolaghan on 02 May 2018


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