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It was several meals later (Daniel had stopped trying to figure out how many days had passed by then and started marking the passage of time with her meals) that her diet had begun to shift. The first meals that had been delivered were simple stuff one would find at a cafeteria. Some bread, a piece of cooked meat, the occasional bowl of stew or soup for variance, stuff like that made up the bulk of their diet before their skeletal realignment.


The meals after that gradually changed however. With each day there seemed to be less and less of the vegetables and grains on her plate. In their place was a gradually more generous portion of meat, meat that seemed less heavily cooked with each passing day. Daniel had always been one to eat their stake a little rare, so it wasn’t much of a concern for her.


Each meal of progressively less cooked meat triggered more subtle changes with Daniel. The first was with their teeth. Despite all the intense transformation Daniel had gone through her face up until then was basically unchanged outside of it softening and becoming more feminine. Her teeth however shifted and grew out, her canines beame sharp fangs that tore through the meat she was served with ease. It was a change subtle enough that Daniel really didn’t mind it.


Eating also helped Daniel grow more comfortable with her forepaws. The loss of her useful thumbs was a massive hurdle at first, and it still was to some degree. When she would get lost in the moment of eating however, things began to sort of flow naturally for her. Those big paws felt significantly less useless as she gripped onto her chunks of meat. She had even gotten proficient at some basic grabbing, although nothing quite has tactful as she could have done with human hands.


Written by Kolaghan on 16 May 2018

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