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More and more meals are slid through the small opening in the door. The scientists had not come back to check on Daniel at all, leaving her to mostly to herself. The loneliness however wasn’t the same monotonous slog as the previous long batch of isolation. The vastly different body she now found herself in provided a lot of room to experiment. Efforts towards feeling more accustomed to the body provided more than an ample distraction.


The more she tested and experimented, the more things started to make sense. Getting on and off of the bed, and the climbing and jumps that entailed, soon became second nature to her. Shaky steps slowly gave way to more confident strides and the overwhelming awkwardness brought about by her new body.


There was a somewhat annoying sensation some time after her big procedure. It was like she had gone into a plane, her ears had popped and felt all stuffed up. The feeling was just there for some time as her ears slowly reshaped and reformed into rounded lion ears. After that she was enraptured with testing her sense of hearing. She would make noises just to hear how they sounded and spend long stretches of time just trying to hear the going ons around her. It was hard to believe, but there was some fun to be had with just finding out everything new to her body.


When Daniel was asleep one night a new change took place. From their shoulders grew two large, feathery wings as she slumbered. They grew out slowly over the course of the night, having come in fully by the time she had woken up. At first she didn’t even notice the appendages, only finding out there were there when she accidentally flapped them. She would have played around with them and experimented with flight, if only her room wasn’t so small and her body had not gotten bigger with these changes.


Although, despite the general curious exploration this new body has allowed for, there were still many times that Daniel would find herself longing for freedom. She had no idea what had become of her friends or if anybody was looking for her. How she would even begin to explain what had happened to her or adapt, she had no clue. Those somewhat scary thoughts would sometimes keep her up when she was trying to fall asleep.


Written by Kolaghan on 20 May 2018


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