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One of the wall crumbles to reveal a moonlit mountain of hay, the smell teasing her nostrils. She leans forward and sniffs it. "Why does it smell so good?"


She reaches out and grabs a handful "How long have I been asleep?" Without thinking she starts to eat the hay.
The taste is delicious and she starts eating more and more. She picks up a whole handful and shoves it into her mouth to enjoy the taste. It's so good.
"No! What am I doing?" Daniel shouts and throws the hay back. She has no idea why she was eating it. It was so good though.
"Why can't I stop eating?" Daniel says and looks at her hands as she eats more of the hay. Her hands are changing. She has hooves. She's turning into a.... horse?
"No! I refuse!" she calls out to the other cells. "I refuse to turn into an animal! I'm a human and will always remain so!"
"You might be right. But you'll have to fight whatever is making you do this. Fight or give in." Daniel hears a voice behind her say. "Turn around."
Daniel turns around and sees a zebra in a cell. "Who are you?"
"I was a human." the zebra says "they took my name and my species"
"Who are they?"
"I don't know but they're watching us." The Zebra says and points up. Daniel looks up and sees a camera.
The zebra tries to speak again but only equine noises come out.
A man walks into the hallway dressed in a protective suit. "Subject 128 transformation is complete. Subject 153 transformation is progressing"
The zebra walks out of the cell and is now following the man. The man doesn't even acknowledge the zebra's presence.
"Where are they going?"
The man turns to Daniel "His change has finished so he is going to the zoo. Same as you when you are done."
"Who are you?"
The man ignores her and walks off.
Daniel sits down and curls up in the corner of her cell. She is scared now. Scared, confused and doesn't understand what is happening to her.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 06 May 2021


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