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You tell him not to risk it. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"True true... perhaps something even worse can happen to me. You got off with only having your gender and body changed." Marcus says and nods. "We need to find the others and get our heads together... I mean if I recall there were six or seven of us..." he says and you contemplate his words.


"yeah..." you slowly say and think of your surroundings. Then it hits you, the summit! "Well... our best chance to meet someone is to go to the summit... Im sure the rest are either there or will go there soon enough... if nothing else we can get a good view of the entire island and decide what to do next.


"Great idea Quinn!" he says cheerfully as he gathers his things. You destroy and unpack what you can from your makeshift shelter, scavenging it for what little supplies you can. You two are ready to start your journey to the summit when Marcus looks at you.


"What?" you ask him impatiently.


"Quinn, do you want to try drinking the water again to see if it will change your gender back?" he asks your curiously. "not that I advise it! Who knows what this water can do and if it's the only thing on this isle that can do such things... but its our only way to find out." He says honestly and you contemplate his question. Do you:

Written by Luksinatriks on 31 December 2017

Both Say no, not worth risking it!
Both Say yes, the water changes you back!
Both Say yes, the water doenst do anything.
Both Say yes, the water makes you even more feminine.
Both Say yes the water turns you into a sphinx!