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You look at Marcus with unsure eyes before looking down at the canteen. You are not sure what to think but at the same time you know that you don't want to stay like this! Yet still you are unsure if this is such a good idea. The barrier is up, the water is drugged, magical or both and has turned you into a woman. It is clear by now that the contract is a farce at best and Marcus... well he seems nice but what can he do?


"Don't worry, I am here." He says but that doesn't make you feel any more comfortable as you sigh. You feel incredibly stupid for trying to do this yet still, what other choice besides staying like this do you have? "Hey whatever goes, Ill be here for you, even if things go wrong and turn south." He tries to cheer you on once more. He is a sweet and a good man, but once more what can he do? You ask him just that.


"And what if this water changes me more?" You ask. "What if I fall down and begin changing into some creature?" you ask him. "How can you help me? Do you have anything on yourself or any knowledge how to reverse that?" you ask him rather cynically. He opens his mouth but closes it soon after as he realizes that no, he cant help you in that way. He looks on you sadly before speaking the plain truth.


"No..." he admits. "I have only limited knowledge in medicine and honestly I do not know how this water functions or how it changed you or... pretty much anything..." he says sadly and you don't feel any better. "But Ill be here, supporting you as best I can." He adds. Trying not to get annoyed you open the canteen and choosing not to delay things further you look at him.


"Here goes." You sigh as you bring the canteen towards your mouth, choosing to take it all in one go. You don't breathe as the water rushes into your lips and mouth, down your throat as you swallow it all. You take a few jugs and drink all of it before exhaling and whipping your lips away. You stare at Marcus and he stares back at you.


"Do you feel any different?" He asks you and you open your mouth to respond, only to feel a sharp pain in your stomach.


"AGH!" You yell and fall down on your knees, Marcus rushing to your aid, supporting your weight on himself as your abdomen shifts quite visibly. You pull your clothes up and once both of you see what is going on you look at Marcus. "What is happening!?!?" You protest before screaming. You feel your back shifting, bending at an unnatural angle as it elongates itself. Marcus clumsily tries to literally hold you together but fails.


"Hang on! Hang in there Quinn!" he speaks but the shock is evident on his face. He had never faced this before and he doesn't know what to do as your legs start to grow, your spine now approximately at an 90 degree angle as your lower body still mutates and grows. Your upper body isn't spared too much as your face and upper libs shift as well, but nowhere near as radically as your legs.


"Help me! Marcus help me!" you protest as you feel your hips are about to burst! You moan as your belt rips, popping loudly as your hips hurt even more, pressing up and out as your clothes are tearing themselves apart from the movement and the expansion of your body. Marcus is awestruck and doesn't know what to do as you scream and beg for aid.


"Hold on! Just hold on! You can make it!" he screams as he holds your hands, comforting you as best he can. He gasps as he sees that your hips are... pointing outwards two... limbs. He gasps, mouth open as he is dumb folded, not knowing what to say as he stares at your new appendages.


"DON'T JUST STAND THERE!" you shout at him waving his hand as you feel your bones crack. "DO SOMETHING!" You plead as the two hip 'limbs' for the lack of the better term, grow! They spread out and worst of all you can feel them, feeling the cold sensation of humid air against your exposed skin as most if not all of your lower clothes is ruined and in tatters around you.


"What do you want me to do!?" Marcus asks clumsily as your new limbs grow and expand. You feel immensely awkward, semi naked and literally mutating in front of Marcus as the change goes on and on, showing no signs of stopping as you begin crying.


"What is happening to me!?" you ask as your new limbs stretch out, thankfully stopping their growth spur as your regular legs bend and crack, rearranging themselves into new angles as new joints develop. You feel all the sensation as your new and old legs part ways , the hips extending along with your spine. You feel that your ass cheeks are getting firmer as there is an odd sensation just above your anus.


"Ugh..." Marcus says as he blushes, not knowing how to handle this. Your lower body continues to grow, your legs getting father apart as you slowly feel that your new lower body is getting larger, giving you additional height as you cry.


"ah ah ah!" You sob as you grab and hug Marcus. Your new body finally showing signs of slowing down on its transformation. Just then as you feel your feet rearrange themselves, your toes feeling strange as you dare not look down on them. You feel a shiver go down your spine as Marcus gasps.


"Quinn!" he yells as you watches you change. "You.... Your growing, fur? And a tail?" he says awkwardly and you snap open your eyes, letting go of him as you feel the transformation slowly grind to a halt.


"What the?" You ask as you look behind you. You see that you have a lower body of a... horse? No, you lack hooves... Cat? Maybe. Your not a centaur, but you are a. "Sphinx?" you ask yourself out loud as you feel your new tail swish around in the open air as Marcus stands in front of you, admiring your new form as you step onto all four of your feet. You turn around to face Marcus.

Written by Luksinatriks on 17 April 2018

Both Blame him for the transformation.
Both "Are you still you?"

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