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"Alright..." you say after giving it some thought. "I don't want to say 'whats the worst that can happen' because I genuinely don't know." You say as you set your items down and take out your canteen, still filled with the water you took from the lake last night. You give him an unsure look and Marcus nods.


"Ill be here. I don't know much about medicine or how to even help you if something goes astray but know Ill be here to offer what aid I can." He tries to comfort you but fails as you sigh, opening your canteen and closing your eyes as you hope for the best, pouring the water inside your mouth, trying to drink roughly as much as you did last night.


"Ah..." you exhale as you drink the last of the water, using your sleeve to clean your mouth as Marcus stares at you. "well..." you ask and he opens his mouth to declare the test a failiour. Just then you feel the same odd sensation, the same strange pain you felt last night as you fall onto your knees, gasping as you feel your body rearrange itself. Marcus gasps as he sees you change before his very eyes. You blink as you become more muscular and masculine, your hips and limbs thickening and your face changing as you feel your abdomen shift rapidly. There is still pain, but thankfully it isn't as profound as what you had experienced last night.


"Oh..." Marcus barely utters as your transformation continues, you are not entirely sure but you do feel like your old self and as the transformation ends, the pain subsides. You drag yourself to your feet to see a blinking Marcus.


"Well..." you begin awkwardly. "That worked... now lets go." You say as you two proceed towards the summit.

Written by Luksinatriks on 07 January 2018

The end (for now)
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