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Say yes, the water doenst do anything. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"Well..." here goes! You say as you gulp down the water. Marcus stares at you as you drink greedily from your canteen. You swallow the last of the water and clean yourself as you wait for any effect to take form. A good couple of seconds past and Marcus speaks.


"And? Do you feel any different?" he asks you and you look down at your feminine body and breasts. You don't feel any different at all... and from the look on Marcus face you don't even look one bit different then you were this morning when you woke up.


"ah..." you exhale and feel disappointed. "It didn't work... did it?" you ask and Marcus sadly swings his head as a form of negation. "Well... we cant tarry for much more..." you say as you go and refill your canteen, after all if the water doesn't do anything else to you it should be safe to drink... right?


"Alright, lets go!" Marcus says as you two head for the summit of the isle, with you left to ponder on your predicament, thinking of what to do and how to accept this new body of yours .

Written by Luksinatriks on 11 January 2018

Both Go to the summit with Marcus.

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