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"Are you sure we are not lost?" you ask Marcus as the two of you trek through the ever thickening forest of tropical trees, the palms growing too close for your comfort as you hack the leaves and bushes, making your way towards the summit.


"Im positive." He reassures you as you see that you are indeed going upwards, if nothing else. You sigh with relaxation as you realize that the forest is clearing and giving away to the stony center of the isle after a few hours of trekking. "See?" he asks reassuringly. You are indeed glad that you are here with him.


"Yes..." you respond dryly as you proceed steeply upwards, the stones being a bit harder to transverse the overgrown stones, the grass and flora covering it making it wet and slippery as you proceed upwards.


"Do you hear that?" Marcus asks you as he puts a hand in front of you, stopping you dead in your tracks. You perk your ears up, scanning the area and focusing on the sounds. Then you catch a feint sound of someone talking.


"We are on a right track!" you proclaim as you and Marcus continue your climb up, reaching the summit rapidly. You climb and you climb, trying to discern the voices you hear as you reach the top.


"Im telling you Jen! We cant risk staying here! We must find a way out!" You hear someone say rather loudly as you and Marcus reach the top, hitting cover behind the rocks as you observe the conversation in front of you.


Written by Luksinatriks on 17 January 2018

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