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"4 of them..." Marcus whispers to you as you try to recall the exact details of the contract.


"With us that's 6... someone is missing." You whisper back as you examine the people. There are two women, standing close by, indicating that they are some sort of a team or that they are at least comfortable with each other. There is a rather tall and buff man standing peacefully on one side of the summit and on the opposite side of the three kneels a woman, behind her a console of some sorts. Even from this distance you can see that the woman is bleeding from her hand which she holds with her other hand.


"We cant just leave her like this!" One of the women protests, Jen, if you remember correctly as the two women bicker and argue.


"For all we know she is the one who has caused this barrier... thing to activate." The other woman who is blond responds. "Look, we have not encountered a crew member nor a single camera on this isle so far... for all we know this could be a hoax of some sorts!" the blond woman explains.


"Which is EXACTLY why we should help her! It isn't right to leave her like that!" Jen protests and the other woman sighs and rolls her eyes. Marcus turns towards you and whispers.


"Im coming out." He says, whispering. "we need to get to the bottom of this." He adds and you nod, they should know that this is no joke, not only has this barrier activated but your gender has changed. Still... is it wise to trust this people?


Written by Luksinatriks on 20 January 2018

Both You come out.

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