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You come out. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"Hello?" Marcus calls out as he gets up and past the rocks. Immediately everyone's attention shifted towards him. The two women turn around and the large man looks towards his direction. You sigh as you follow Marcus out of hiding.


"And the last of us come." The blond woman says, sighing herself as it is evident that they have a situation on their hands.


"There is still one more..." Jen says and Marcus swallows thinking of what to do next.


"We heard voices and we came here... may we ask what is going on?" he says and the two women look at each other, Jen deciding to speak first.


"I assume you see the large barrier up and above us... we, like yourself, came here in the hopes of finding other people. We found that woman there..." she says nodding towards the injured woman who either cant or isn't bothered enough to raise her head towards you. "She says her name is Sera and that she came here first last night..." she says and after a moment of pause she continues. "She says she tinkered with that console over there, thinking there is a way to contact the producers as no one has contacted us yet, the next thing she knew it exploded injuring her and creating this barrier..." Jen concludes and Marcus opens his mouth to speak but the blond woman cuts him of.


"And that's why I say we go around and actually FIND someone from the production who can fill us in!" the blond woman says. "Who knows maybe this was just a mistake and the barrier is a prop!" she adds as Marcus steps in.


"Im Marcus... and this is Quinn..." he begins carefully. "We don't know what is happening either, but do know that it is quite serious!" He declares and the blond woman looks at him, examining his words carefully.


"Im Evelyn... but everyone calls me Eve... and how would you know that this isn't some hoax that the producers are playing on us?" he asks and he opens his mouth to speak but he realizes that you're the one whos in question here. Marcus looks at you and you blush. Do you chose to tell them what happened?

Written by Luksinatriks on 24 January 2018

Both You tell them what happened.

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