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Chapters added to The Original (outline)

(p) Change your shape. (m) (f)
(p) Turn left (m) (f)
(p) Turn Right (m) (f)
(p) You don’t recognise him (m) (f)
(p) A passphrase comes to mind. (m) (f)

Chapters added to Costumes (outline)

(p) Costume Shop (m) (f)
(p) Town Square (m) (f)
(p) Going into the hole (m) (f)
(p) Wombat (m) (f)
(p) Contiune to the Crater (m) (f)

Chapters added to Transformation mansion (outline)

(p) Stay in the foutain (m) (f)
(p) Enjoy What You Are (m) (f)
(p) Enter the Wolf (m) (f)
(p) Caught (m) (f)
(p) New Location (m) (f)

Chapters added to Reality Jumpers (outline)

(p) The World For a Zoo (m) (f)
(p) Error (m) (f)
(p) Reassignment (m) (f)
(p) Movie (m) (f)
(p) Wolf (m) (f)

Chapters added to Lotus Pond Dojo (outline)

(p) Go Inside the Room (m) (f)
(p) Stick to the Plan and Sneak (m) (f)
(p) The Rafters (m) (f)
(p) His Dream Girl (m) (f)
(p) You Start With A Plan (m) (f)

Chapters added to Strange Happenings (outline)

(p) Keth Joins in the fun. (m) (f)
(p) Let´s do it (m) (f)
(p) The Juggernaut (m) (f)
(p) Lakeside Arival. (m) (f)
(p) Dreams (m) (f)

Chapters added to The Radinri Invasion (outline)

(p) The Advice (m) (f)
(p) The Hunter (m) (f)
(p) Wandering Away (m) (f)
(p) The Dream (m) (f)
(p) A Half Confession (m) (f)

Chapters added to Survivor (outline)

(p) Touch the medallion, find your freedom! (m) (f)
(p) Stay here. You can’t abandon the others. (m) (f)
(p) Possible escape? (m) (f)
(p) Getting nowhere with this (m) (f)
(p) Look up (m) (f)

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