The Story Begins by
   Jake's Story by LorikFurdin
      not your average shopping trip! by Kibaoftheleaves
         They get away! For now... by Kibaoftheleaves
         They get discovered... by Kibaoftheleaves
      Flee by Ai Dungeon
         In the Morning by Ai Dungeon
            Attacked by Ai Dungeon
   Laura's Story by LorikFurdin
      Visitors by Zodiac
         Non-Compliance by Zodiac
         Prisoner by Zodiac
            The Choices by Zodiac
               Uncertainty by Zodiac
   Dor'Vool's Story by Zodiac
      On the Hunt by Zodiac
   Extra Characters by Catprog
      PVT.hayes by caro
      Humans always were rebellious by neonsilver
         You can't sleep yet. by neonsilver
      Flip by Clayem
         The Dispute by Clayem
            A Half Confession by Clayem
               The Dream by Clayem
                  Wandering Away by Clayem
                     The Hunter by Clayem
                        The Advice by Clayem
   The Story Begins... by Rikki
      Battle by Rikki
         Time To Ride The Pony!!!! by Rikki
            Finally Captured by Rikki
               A Choice Is Made, But Not By Ry by Zodiac
   Matteus by Eavna