Transformation Mansion by Catprog
   Tiger by
      Go upstairs by
         The one with the male symbol by
         The one with the female symbol by
            Panicking! by LorikFurdin
               Magic Water by catprog
            Zoo by catprog
         The one with the tree chart on it by
            The Tree Door by
               Why Must We Research Plant Phylums? by Mr.Peaches
         (Insert Rock and Roll) by Mr.Peaches
            Can my Tigeroo down, sport by Won-Tolla
            The Rise of the Battlemaid! by Rikki
         The one with the tv on it by catprog
            Movie. by catprog
            TV by catprog
               Anime by catprog
                  Digimon by catprog
                     It was Season 2 by Dustomega
               Cartoon by catprog
                  Road Rovers by Akaio
               Live Action by catprog
               Other by catprog
                  Doctor Who? by Anonymous
                     .....Lady?! by Anonymous
                        Finally Out of the Manison and with a.... by Anonymous
                     ....Lord?! by Anonymous
            Console by catprog
               Nintendo by catprog
               Sony by catprog
               Microsoft by catprog
               Other by catprog
               Sega by catprog
                  Sega Dreamcast by Prime Metallix
                     Things are about to get chaotic... by Prime Metallix
            Handheld by catprog
               Nintendo by catprog
               Sony by catprog
               Atari by catprog
               Sega by catprog
               Other by catprog
            PC by catprog
               Windows by catprog
               Linux by catprog
               Mac by catprog
               Other Unix-like by catprog
               Other by catprog
      Down In The Basement We Find a Maze by Lifeforce
         Twisty Little Passage One by Won-Tolla
         Go North by catprog
         go west by catprog
         You find a room with a metal ball. by catprog
            The open on the door you came through by catprog
            Red by catprog
      Welcome... by Mr.Peaches
         The X Phials by Won-Tolla
            mix the potions by haladur
               Walk Around by haladur
                  Door 1 by haladur
         Gravity manpulations by catprog
         Spiral Horn by catprog
      Maze Of Mirrors by catprog
         $URL Maze/1/95 North/MALE by catprog
            back in the mansion. by Dustomega
            you got out of the maze. by Dustomega
         $URL Maze/1/95 North/FEMALE by catprog
         $URL Maze/1/95 South/FEMALE by catprog
         $URL Maze/1/95 South/MALE by catprog
         $URL Maze/1/95 West/FEMALE by catprog
         $URL Maze/1/95 West/MALE by catprog
         $URL Maze/1/95 East/FEMALE by catprog
         $URL Maze/1/95 East/MALE by catprog
      Stay on the ground floor by catprog
         Fountain by catprog
            You Jumped In (Moron!) by Another Guy Like You
               There's something fishy here. by Chrysalis
                  Stay in the foutain by Curtis
            You Walked Away... by Another Guy Like You
         Doors, and more doors by Hnhn
            Feeling Rattish... by Hank Sheffield
            Wait for a momment by catprog
         Kitchen by StripeKazama
   Turning into a Fox... by nothingsp
      A few more changes... by nothingsp
         A new friend... by nothingsp
            Pursuit and help. by Tsunari
      A few more changes... by nothingsp
         A new friend... by nothingsp
            Mission: Kinky? by Mr.Peaches
            Knock out by Umassday
               Charge! by
                  Just hope that you don't need thumbs to open it... by Archerswiftarrow
               Give up... by Rikki
                  Kindness. by Rikki
                     Distracted... by Tsunari
            Choice by Tsunari
               A New Friend by Rikki
                  Your Name... by Rikki
                     Anthro fox by Draiko
                     Back to normalish by Leyr
         Kitsune by Arogard
      Looking around by Kibaoftheleaves
         To the Games Room by catprog
         More doors by Hnhn
            Transformed from fox to human to rat by Hnhn
               The library by Hnhn
               Observation room by Hnhn
            Fox to human to deer by Hnhn
            The Rakatan Temple by Hnhn
               Turret room and first test by Hnhn
                  The first test by Hnhn
                     Correct answer by Hnhn
                        A test of morals by Hnhn
                           So you went back to the beggining of the masion by Hnhn
                           So you are greedy and think you could leave that easily? by Hnhn
                           You want wealth? Ok here it is by Hnhn
                           It will not open by Hnhn
                           You help him by Hnhn
                              A test in skills (and weapon choice) by Hnhn
                                 Taking a page from indiana jones? by Hnhn
                     Incorrect answer by Hnhn
      Just go Straight Ahead. by neonsilver
         Stray Not From Thy Path oh Brave Explorer by neonsilver
         A Different Kind of Lost by neonsilver
            What other option is there? by neonsilver
   Wolven Nights! by LorikFurdin
      Fire wolf by LorikFurdin
         Demon fire by Razortail
            Oops! by Won-Tolla
      An Exit Already! by Bloodwolf
         Bad Moon Setting by Won-Tolla
             backtracking trick by catprog
      Another change by Tsunari
      Another change by Tsunari
      a hall way is behind the door by Hnhn
         a forage into the unknown by marissalikesgreenday
   Hold the Phone! by Mr.Peaches
      Call from the witch by ty
         Which witch? by Won-Tolla
         Kangaroo? by Black.N. Joe
      All By Yourself by Mr.Peaches
         An Improbable Cave by Zodiac
            Rise and shine by Won-Tolla
            The Voice's Choice by Zodiac
               The Dream by Zodiac
               A silly sense of fashion by Anonamouse
                  You just put the darn clothes on! by Anonamouse
                  You needed to warm up some how. by M
         A Robed being appears by Hnhn
            You find a large pool by Hnhn
      Attempt to wander. by White
         Mother...... by minerva
            TG/ARAP Phase one training begins by CleoKraft
      On Second Thought, It's *Really* Cold Out Here. by Mr.Peaches
         I hate you, Mr. No-Body by Lupafel
   People always said you were cold blooded. by underdrag
      SSSSNAKE!! by
         Mmm... Lunch... or dinner... or just a light snack by underdrag
            Ouch, my head! by underdrag
               ?sdrawkcab gnikaeps by Mr.Peaches
            On the move by Zelgius
      Mythical Life by Umassday
         LIGHTNING ROUND!!!!!1 by Mr.Peaches
            Lifeline? by Won-Tolla
            welcome to the Furance by werebeagle
            Cue the Kung-Fu Action Sequence by Chrysalis
               Cue the Surprise Dance Sequence! by Chrysalis
      Lizard by underdrag
         Embarking! by Mr.Peaches
            One Man's Passion, One Lonely World by Mr.Peaches
               People come and go so quickly here. by Chrysalis
                  I don't envy the next person who uses this door. by Chrysalis
                     The Hall of Hooves by Chrysalis
                        As easy as falling down the stairs by Chrysalis
            Which One? by Hank Sheffield
               Just an Ape-tizer by Chrysalis
         statue of lizard god by pokemoncrater
      You don't look a day over 65million years. by underdrag
          Earlier by catprog
         Triassic by catprog
            Lower/Early Triassic (Scythian) by catprog
            Middle Triassic (Tr2) by catprog
            Upper/Late Triassic (Tr3) by catprog
         Jurassic by catprog
            Lower/Early Jurassic by catprog
            Middle Jurassic by catprog
            Upper/Late Jurassic by catprog
         Cretaceous by catprog
            Upper/Late Cretaceous by catprog
               Triceratops by catprog
            Lower/Early Cretaceous by catprog
      Whoa! by Dustomega
         Lunch Time! by Dustomega
   I Need a Plan by Lupafel
   Avoid the traps at the front door by feder
      Egyptian ankh by feder
         Onto all fours by feder
            Riddles by feder
               Collared by feder
                  No Problems by feder
   Taking the plunge by iAteTheRamen
      Meeting Kieran by iAteTheRamen
         Myrio Ridge by iAteTheRamen
            New Friends (and Enemies) by iAteTheRamen
               Settling Down by iAteTheRamen
                  Finding Gart by iAteTheRamen
                     The Truth by iAteTheRamen
                        Altruism by iAteTheRamen
                           Not Very Convincing by iAteTheRamen
                              Time’s Up by iAteTheRamen