Lotus Pond Dojo by Mr.Peaches
   The Inner Garden by Mr.Peaches
      Wacky Skirting Adventure by Mr.Peaches
      Pchew, pchew... by Mr.Peaches
         Onward by minerva
            Money, money, money by minerva
               Continue down the passage by catprog
                  one to the right by catprog
                  going down? by catprog
                  One to the left by catprog
                     00001 by catprog
                        Maybe you shouldn't have picked that by Draiko
                        Feeling stronger? Bigger? You should by Sock
      Secret Entrance by catprog
   The Hallway. by Mr.Peaches
      Now I'm in the Closet Too-hoo... by Mr.Peaches
         I Could Talk to You All Night... by Mr.Peaches
         Ninja Vanish! by Lifeforce
   Hey, it's a cliche but if it works... by underdrag
      My Pants... They are Aflame by Mr.Peaches
         Just Take a Look, It's in a Book... by Mr.Peaches
            the trues and fakes by kylr23
            The Records Room by Zodiac
               Through the corridors by Zodiac
                  Wind by Zodiac
                     Ninja Vanish by minerva
                        What?! by minerva
                  Water by Zodiac
                     To Drink, Perchance to Dream by Zodiac
                        Waking Up by Zodiac
                           From the Shadows by Zodiac
      Cause a Distraction in the stables by catprog
         Pegasus by catprog
         Unicorn by catprog
   Over the Roof by
      Fox Path by
         Female statue by
            Contiune by
               Continue down the Path by
                  Foxy Friend by
                     Annoyed at female by
      Horse Path by catprog
      Fish Path by catprog
   You Start With A Plan by SketchySeraph
      His Dream Girl by SketchySeraph
         The Rafters by SketchySeraph
            Stick to the Plan and Sneak by SketchySeraph
               Go Inside the Room by SketchySeraph