January 2004

21 January 2004

New server (Topcities)

09 January 2004

Split the favorite morphs survey again View

Added a page for my images. View

The new design should be fixed up.


December 2003

27 December 2003

Also changed the design around.

Decied to go back to geocities.

26 December 2003

Added a absolute postion thing on the link pages.

22 December 2003

Fixed a problem with the submit form (When the server got changed there was a slight problem with the page detection (What page you want to add the page too)).

17 December 2003

The RSS feed is located at (NO LONGER HERE) http://www.geocities.com/cat_prog/news.xml

Started using a rss feed for the news as well as this page. To access it you will need a RSS reader. RSS Readers

Found a problem with the outline maker and fixed it

04 December 2003

There will be no updates for a while, as I am going to SA for a holiday.

November 2003

15 November 2003

Goodbye geocities. The site has been moved to the new server.

14 November 2003

I have a new server. Geocities will still be hosting for a while as I move to the new server.

13 November 2003

Weather and News have been removed as they are not the focus of the site.

12 November 2003

Have you found a page that requies 3 or more clicks to get to it. Email me with what page it is and what page the first link is, and the links to get there. Email Me:

11 November 2003

If you want to make a picture for a page of the story and get credit email it to me and I will upload it. Email Me:

06 November 2003

Redeigned the favorite morphs survey View

05 November 2003

Tower of Hani is back up Hani

04 November 2003

Temporaly Removed Towers of Hani

02 November 2003

1st Edited photo in the morph zone View

Split the favorite morphs survey View

01 November 2003

New design

New Page (the thank's page) View

October 2003

25 October 2003

Completely changed the design. One of the major changes is there are now 3 diffrent side bars, that are choosing according to your screen resolution

19 October 2003

Possible endless power View Image

September 2003

06 September 2003

Al the bugs in the intrative story should be worked out.

Added a text based version of the intractive story

August 2003

22 August 2003

Made a program to update (but the page is no longer in front of the page number in the filename) and not all of the pages have been updated (So you will get problems for a while)

06 August 2003

Relized that the hit-counter was reset

July 2003

30 July 2003

Added another html tutorial View

23 July 2003

Finished the major overhall

17 July 2003

Started a major overhaul

Removed the set background colour as it was causing to many errors

14 July 2003

a survey of favorite morphs of the intrative story writers are up as well View

Added a morph zone View

08 July 2003

I may be changed servers soon. So watch this space

The submit form is not working propley so to get your page on ,you may need click on email the editor and send the details to me that way. Thank You.

June 2003

20 June 2003

New game (arrange) Arrange

18 June 2003

Now you can choose your background (Removed on 17-July-2003 as it was causing errors)

14 June 2003

new game (Same Game) SameGame

06 June 2003

Block Braker is now a pop-up

05 June 2003

Re-orginized the intractive story

May 2003

30 May 2003

Removed Block Breaker Level 2 due to buggy code

added some html tutorials View

29 May 2003

New level for block breaker (later removed on the 30-May-2003 due to buggy code)

28 May 2003

Added a page for my selectsmart results View

New Game (Block Breaker) BlkBreaker

27 May 2003

Added more random links in the intractive story (on pages with more then one choice)

21 May 2003

Added a random link in the intractive story page 18