June 2006

03 June 2006

I will be studing until the 23rd so no updates for a while.

May 2006

01 May 2006

Creativesam wins with http://www.catprog.tfcentral.com/story.php/CV/2/75/M/N/N

April 2006

29 April 2006

Got CastelvaniaDS Finaly. Only been waiting about 4 months down here. (Import from Europe(but brought in a non-import shop))

24 April 2006

Story 4 done. Only 3 more stories and a new one gets created

20 April 2006

2 pages for you from me. Also only 1 more page before story 4 has the requied amount for the next story.

17 April 2006

Free gmail accounts. Send a message to me asking for one. mailto

More pages have been added (creativesam is still the best). Keep a eye out for my page.

March 2006

24 March 2006

4 pages has been submitted and the best is by creativesam

17 March 2006

New contest. Best page sumbited before april wins. Details

10 March 2006

My car window got smashed in. Luckly nothing was taken (even about $7.50 dollars I left in the car)

01 March 2006

We finaly got broadband


December 2005

27 December 2005

News and story up on the new server

Why you should boycot sony. http://www.boycottsony.us/

September 2005

20 September 2005

Just a reminder to everone. Please Log out when finished so no one can get into your account.

19 September 2005

Opera is the latest browser to be added onto the list of approved browsers

07 September 2005

Story 2 now has suggested titles View

August 2005

18 August 2005

The raffels are here.

Problem with upload but the new rules are up. View

17 August 2005

New Story Comp rules. View

11 August 2005

Story Comp Ended. No Posts. Next one starts next month

06 August 2005

Fixed up the story posting form

July 2005

27 July 2005

New Organisation of Navagation Links

20 July 2005

No more pay-pal on traffic exchange. Why. http://www.paypalsucks.com

No more pay-pal on traffic exchange. Why. http://www.paypalwarning.com

Login Comp won by 9o47

14 July 2005

The Login Comp is still on. Just login, click the claim button up the top and confirm to win.

The Story comp has been post-poned as no-one posted anything. View

08 July 2005

Have implamented a method to stop bots from posting on the guestbook

04 July 2005

Fixed up the story posting problem

01 July 2005

Changes. 14 Day first Login. 90 Day inactivty Deletion. Minnium surfing requiments.

New Member Only Games. Go to...

New Story Contest View

June 2005

22 June 2005

New site design being worked on. (No new features or games for a while)

May 2005

31 May 2005

New link in the links page

26 May 2005

The IE site should be looking a bit better now.

20 May 2005

Registration Fixed

17 May 2005

Registering has a problem. Will be fixed tonight.

1st story cometition is almost ready to launch. Start posting pages on the 20th and go for as many days as possible.

16 May 2005

Stars added to member page depending on how many points you have

09 May 2005

The server failed. Some problem with hardware. It shoudn't happen again for a while.

April 2005

23 April 2005

New games in members area.

20 April 2005

If you want the IE site to countiune being worked on. Please go to the forum and say so.

March 2005

24 March 2005

Members area back but not linked to forum

19 March 2005

New Url addressing method.

New Sections (Daily)

New Site is now ready

16 March 2005

The IE site will be uploaded soon. However the member's area will be disabled to link the user list with the forum list.

03 March 2005

Problem Fixed

02 March 2005

Found a problem with IE. How come no one has reported it on the forums?

February 2005

27 February 2005

New Games. Play