January 2008

02 January 2008

1000 pages have been written

01 January 2008

Stickers and points are now awarded automaticly for monthly images


December 2007

08 December 2007

Hidden Cube. Details

October 2007

26 October 2007

New Game Image Breaker. View Details

23 October 2007

The verification emails sent out are real and you do got 100 points from them (This replaces the sign up bounse for future users)

19 October 2007

$10 contest story contest is now running. View

02 October 2007

My Internet is now fully operation.

September 2007

23 September 2007

My internet is down so I can't respond to your forum posts for a while.

13 September 2007

There is a new forum for your drafts if you need help. Link.

06 September 2007

You may have noticed the ads. These are to allow prizes you can bid on using your points

August 2007

21 August 2007

We might be losing power tonight due to high winds.

20 August 2007

Welcome to the new design.

18 August 2007

And where back. Trying to find why the server went down.

15 August 2007

A bug where non loged in people don't have there author recorded have been fixed

14 August 2007

There will be at least 1 new page a week from me

New Design in the works. Expect it by end of august

July 2007

28 July 2007

August Contest Details

You must now preview your pages before they are submitted. Discuss

18 July 2007

I would like your ideas for the next contest. Details

09 July 2007

My Birthday today. YEAH!!!!!

02 July 2007

Sticker Market Open Details

June 2007

28 June 2007

Add story seach to your browser. View Details

26 June 2007

Your pages are now saved while you are working on them Read More

09 June 2007

The first batch of stickers have been released

All members can now select which ever style they want Full Details

06 June 2007

Firefox users can change the style of the website View All

May 2007

20 May 2007

And the gem comp has began

17 May 2007

A new contest will be starting soon. Find the hidden gems by submiting pages. Full Details

Bidding for the prizes has begun

March 2007

07 March 2007

New Contest. Details

Mr.Peaches is the 4th diamond member.

February 2007

11 February 2007

Catprog(Me) is the 3rd diamond member

January 2007

25 January 2007

Febuary comp anoncment. Details

15 January 2007

Lifeforce wins the top level prize and becomes the 2nd diamond level member

11 January 2007

Congrats to Vanghar. The 1st diamond level user

01 January 2007

Contest Started


December 2006

29 December 2006

Theforum has been moved to tfcenteral. click here

25 December 2006

The next contest will start on January 1st Details

21 December 2006

Due to a backlog please do not send any more stuff for the Morph Zone

Final winners are Mr.Peaches and Vanghar

And I'm Back

15 December 2006

I am on holidays so the final winner will not be know for a while

08 December 2006

I got a wii

November 2006

19 November 2006

New feature(random story page selection). Check it out

Sorry for the late notice. New contest

September 2006

26 September 2006

new outline(Change CV or outline in the url to table)

August 2006

31 August 2006

VERY Busy. The morph zone is on hold for a while(4 still to get up)

July 2006

17 July 2006

The new story is now live. Lotus Pond Dojo

June 2006

27 June 2006

The story notification is now fixed-up hopefuly

20 June 2006

The poll is now open. Vote here