February 2005

17 February 2005

Found an intresting site. Go to

07 February 2005

Working on a frame based site for all thouse that are still using IE

01 February 2005

We have a domain name. http://www.catprog.com

January 2005

28 January 2005

New Link. Go to the Link

04 January 2005

New feature added yesterday. Finished today. Male and female versions of the stories. Check it out

When you log in, you will now go to the main members area.


December 2004

24 December 2004

New members area (beta). Report any bugs in the forum

01 December 2004

Problem with new design. Should be fixed soon

November 2004

19 November 2004

All problem with the new design fixed along with the page loading problem. Also fixed are the outline generaters.

18 November 2004

There are problems loading some pages. Please be patient

16 November 2004

Welcome to the new design. As you can see there are few problems with it. Please be patient as we try and fix it.

15 November 2004

The site is being redesigned. Unfortunitaly IE does not support the standeds however firefox does. To get firefox please click on the image at the bottem of the left hand side of the site.

10 November 2004

Added a filter on the changed photos. View

October 2004

27 October 2004

The outline generaters are broken. With uni exams and other stuff the problem will be here for a while. Projected fixing by Christmas

22 October 2004

Problem with Story 3 Fixed

15 October 2004

Forum back

September 2004

23 September 2004

Problem Fixed

There is a problem with all files in sub directories.

20 September 2004

The forum has been removed while I concentrate on getting a forum and userlist together

Can someone add something. It is getting boring and I don't know if any one is coming to my site.

August 2004

22 August 2004

New story. Vist

16 August 2004

Guestbook siging fixed Sign guestbook

13 August 2004

Problem with guestbook signing. Should be fixed soon

07 August 2004

The story problems should be fixed up

06 August 2004

There are a few problems with the story at the moment

01 August 2004

A search engine just for the intrative story has been implemted.

July 2004

29 July 2004

The guestbook is back. Sign the guestbook.

25 July 2004

In the intractive stories you can now view the story so far. If it doesn't work or there are problems use the forum to contact me View

21 July 2004

Fixed the navagation bars and outline generaters

19 July 2004

Found a problem with the navagation bars and trying to fix them up

18 July 2004

There is a problem with the outline generaters.

15 July 2004

Split the story into 3 View

13 July 2004

New game TeeBox

06 July 2004

Files can be uploaded again and nav.php is fixed

05 July 2004

There a problem with nav.php causing the characters and upload is not workin so it hard to fix it up.

03 July 2004

New pictures in morph zone (Just trying to get them to display) View

June 2004

17 June 2004

The new site is now ready

09 June 2004

The new site has a few minor bugs to work out but it's is almost ready.

03 June 2004

The database just needs to be uploaded and then the new site will be up.

May 2004

20 May 2004

The change over to php is almost complete. Only one section and some minor features still need doing.

11 May 2004

The change over to php is coming along nicely

March 2004

20 March 2004

The guestbook has been replaced by a Forum

07 March 2004

The transfer to the new server is taken longer then anticipated and with uni it may be a while before it is transferred

12 March 2004

New server (Longlandclan)

02 March 2004

Added a intresting fact thing underneth the navagagation bar

01 March 2004

The survey results have had the unknown's removed View

New Game Cafe

February 2004

26 February 2004

Found and fixed a problem with some of the submit forms

Another image in the image section

January 2004

21 January 2004

The RSS feed is now located at (NO LONGER HERE) http://catprog.topcities.com/news.xml