1:256 Finshing Up by
You feel a change occurring and look down to notice that your tiger body is ,well adsorbing your human chest. However when it reaches your neck it stops and your neck begins a change.


Your ears became rounded, and slide to the top of your head. Your nose and mouth become attached and yo

1:251 Finshing Up by
Almost a soon as you speak you feel another change occur. Your waist reshapes and you can no longer stand up. You feel your shoulder and neck reshapes into that of a tiger.


You feel a weight leave your chest and realise that your breasts have shrunk down as far as they will go but y<

4:4 taking in the atmosphere by illya
You walk to a table away from any of the action. Making sure you have a good view of the hooded stranger, your back to the wall and a clear path to the exit, you take a seat.


There are seven other people in the bar, seven at tables and three at the bar, a waitress makes her way amongst t

2:70 Sunshine and Rainbows, at last! by Mr.Peaches
gender), you may as well humor the mysterious forces that built the rooms and live out your fantasies (your oh, so secret fantasies) of prancing on rainbows and living off sunshine. Your shoes make forlone klonk, klonkand more of these?"

1:10 Fridge by catprog
You have a look in the fridge.


In the fridge are a range of drinks,potions and other trinkets.

1:11 Cans by catprog
You decide to grab a can but of what...

1:12 Potion by catprog
You decide to grab a potion, but which one...

1:13 Into the shop by catprog
You decide to go into the shop to look around.


Inside it is very dusty and is crammed with shelves. There is lots of products that overflow from the shelves and are lying on the floor.


You notice the counter and the old man in a bathrobe behind it. "Welcome &lt;&

1:14 Costumes by catprog
You decide to try out a costume.

1:15 Scrolls by catprog
You decide to get a scroll. But which one?

1:16 Other by catprog
You decide to get something else. But what?

2:69 Red and White Forever by
Then you notice a red and white costume. You decide to put it on and you notice the costume is closing in on you and before you know it you are a half-Latias with all the abilities and some other ablilities.


Then you notice that you would be out of place in your world and you are no long

3:33 doors by Chris
After you realize what you have become, 3 doors open before you.


From the first one a light is shining, from the second you hear laughter. From the third, you see and hear nothing.

1:250 Halfway back by Hungwolf
As the full moon rises, fire burns through your veins. You find yourself able to stand straight, and your body becomes muscular and slightly more human. You are a werewolf! You feel a deep hunger...

3:32 An Exit Already! by Bloodwolf
You step out the door, finding yourself once again outside. When the harsh light of day hits your body, you feel your fur shrink into your skin, and a paw covers your face.


You see the fingers expand before your eyes, and feel your muzzle retract.


You stand there, naked, and

1:249 Demon voice by Razortail
As the blood of the creature trickles down your throat, you hear a strange voice in your head. The voice is dark and brooding, something altogether powerful. You try to shake your head to get it out but it is in there sound and strong. The rabbit upon which you so recently fed collapses to the groun

1:243 reddish fur by
A wave of red fur, with white on the belly and black on the hands and feet, sweeps up your new body. Your ankles twist into a digitigrade shape, your ears become pointed and migrate to the top of your head, your face elongates into a pointed muzzle, and a tail with a white tip ripples off the end

1:247 More Changes by
Suddenly you fall on to your hands. You try and stand up but can't get back 45 degrees. There is a feeling not unlike pins and needles in your waist and you feel it reshaping itself.


The next things to change are your shoulders.


The joints alter to fit a quadrupedal sta

2:68 Tails by
You notice a costume that looks a lot like tails from sonic and put it on.


The costume cloth sinks into your clothes and merges with them.


You feel the changes going on inside of you with your head and ears reshaping.


The rest of your body soon follows suit.

2:60 Patamon by
You find a patamon costume and put it on.


The costume cloth merges with your clothes, and you are a humanoid patamon. The fur then starts to grow through (white from just above your mouth and down your front with yellow everywhere else ), and soon except for your fur you are naked.