You sit under the tree by catprog
   A Blue Light by catprog
      You start to grow fur by catprog
         Whats this? by Razortail
            surounded by Razortail
         snow fox by Razortail
         Time to howl by
            Where did that come from?! by
               Last I checked, I wasn't made of aluminum! by
         Foxy! by
            Wait, extra tails? by
      You start to grow scales by catprog
         Crocodilian by Cat
            Fly by WiKy
               Crocodiles don't have wings. by underdrag
      Water Appears by catprog
         What up, dog? by underdrag
            IM A DOG! by Racerboy
               In dog years, you're dead by Chrysalis
            "I have seen the future and it is... pink??" by Won-Tolla
               It's a dog's life. In pink. by Won-Tolla
      Transformed by Cat
         Small world by Won-Tolla
         Friends by catprog
      You start to grow feathers by catprog
         Time to get prehistoric! by Plx
            Might as well have a drink! by
               Maybe she can tell me where I am... by
                  Off to the beach! by
      Jungle by catprog
         You look around... by Another Author
            To the lab! duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh BATMAN!!!! by Another Author
               You jumped! by Another Author
               You ate dog food? Gross! by Another Author
               You are going to die! by Another Author
            Where's the Shark? by Chrysalis
            Well, what did you expect? by Chrysalis
            Slugged by catprog
         You Sit Down by Another Author
         You start walking... by Another Author
            You jump in by Another Author
               Because I'm tired of these "You forget you were ever human. Game Over." chapters, that's why! by Lost Yoshi
                  Stay Out of the Water. by Chrysalis
            You skip happily into the meadow by Another Author
               Life as a giant snake...is mostly spent asleep. by Chrysalis
            You push into the thicket by Another Author
      You go blind by Me
      And you are pulled into a new dimension by Katie
         Do the Macarina by WiKy
            no no dodo by hypobonix
      What an odd room by nergal
         It's probably just a mineral bath or something by Zodiac
            Big Mistake by Zodiac
         Snack Time by Zodiac
            Not Every Clear Liquid is Water by Zodiac
            You have terrible taste in food by Zodiac
               Trap Door by
         foods by hypobonix
            mushroom by hypobonix
      Gods by Ophelianime
         the small wind-chime. by Ophelianime
            the soul scarf. by ophelianime
               the red-haired teenage boy by Ophelianime
                  check out the kitchen by Ophelianime
                      apple pie by Ophelianime
                         hearing about his charity plans. by Ophelianime
         Interrupted by catprog
             CHOOSE THE VULPINE GODDESS by Jasan Quinn
               Avoid the strangers by Jasan Quinn
                  The Next Morning by Jasan Quinn
                     Go out into the forest by Jasan Quinn
                        Enter the Cave by Jasan Quinn
                           Take the Gem by Jasan Quinn
                              Confront the Goddess by Jasan Quinn
                                 Follow the Raven Path by Jasan Quinn
                                    Cross via the kitsune path by Jasan Quinn
                                       Enter the temple by Jasan Quinn
      Death by
         Skunk girl by
            Claim a home by
      A New life by Novel Ai
         3 for all by Novel Ai
   The ground collapses by catprog
      Air by catprog
         Dragon(HYBRID) by catprog
         Sphinx by Czar Lawrence III
            Meeting Gerod by Czar Lawrence III
               "Where am I, Gerod?" by Czar Lawrence III
                  Attempting to fly by Czar Lawrence III
                     Resting by Czar Lawrence III
                        The Fear by Czar Lawrence III
                           Meat by Czar Lawrence III
                              Lost Memories by Czar Lawrence III
      Land by catprog
         Unicorn (HYBRID) by Bro
            Winged by Bro
            you look up and see another unicorn by Katie
               Language Barrier by Won-Tolla
                  Nothing Else to Do by Chrysalis
                     Missing Feet by Chrysalis
                        Next Time, Bring a Saddle by Chrysalis
                           How old are the hills anyway? by Won-Tolla
         Which way to the maze? by
            Joining the Group by Mezaron
         Quit horsing around by underdrag
            Centaur Of the World by Won-Tolla
         Foxes with Tails by Mr.Peaches
         Were Creature by catprog
            Tiger by catprog
      Water by catprog
         Loch Ness by Katie
            Loch Ness (Hybrid) by catprog
   The ground collapses #2 by catprog
       Dragon Hang on wait......<span class="female">Dragoness</span> by
         Rampage by OJ
       <span class="male">Dragon</span> by
      Another vacation ruined. by Lost
         Creepies and Crawlies by Sam
         Flying by Sam
      Sphinx by Kinky Chameleon
         Fly by Kinky Chameleon
            Riddle Cure by Kinky Chameleon
               Walking Stick Man. by Kinky Chameleon
                  A Hole by Kinky Chameleon
                     Smaller by Kinky Chameleon
                        Older Women by Kinky Chameleon
                           Women by Kinky Chameleon
                              Hiker by Kinky Chameleon
                                 A Kiss by Kinky Chameleon
                                    Costume Removal by Kinky Chameleon
      Selkie by Ai Dungeon
         Talk by Ai Dungeon
   See? Keep moving or you get tranked. That's how the game is played. by Zodiac
      The Institute by Zodiac
         The Elevator by Zodiac
            The Labyrinth by Zodiac
            1 by hypobonix
               piggys by hypobonix
         The Main Lab by Zodiac
            This is Botany? by Zodiac
               The Dirt Room by Zodiac
               Experimental Plants, Eh? by Zodiac
                  No fury like a botanist scorned by Zodiac
                     Looking around by Zodiac
                        the vines by haladur
                           keeps screaming for help by haladur
                              stuggle some more by haladur
                                 Keep Struggling by haladur
               Symbiotic Seeding? Sounds sublime! by Zodiac
               Hybridization by Zodiac
            That was a bad idea by Zodiac
               Another mistake! by Zodiac
                  Centaur by Zodiac
            More hallway by Zodiac
               Venusified by Anonymous
            Supersoldiers! by Zodiac
               The capsules by Zodiac
               Through the Door by Zodiac
                  Serum Thirteen by Zodiac
                  I Don't Like Needles by Stealfur
                     The Recovery Room by Stealfur
                  Test Serum by Stealfur
                     Disarmed by Chrysalis
         The Smiley Face Door (Brace Yourself) by Zodiac
            A Gorilla by Zodiac
               Serpentine by Zodiac
                  Turtle power! by Zodiac
                     Up we go by Zodiac
                        THAT was a mistake by Zodiac
                        There ya go by Zodiac
                           Enter Narrator by Zodiac
                              Finals? by Won-Tolla
            Ask for more details by TobyFox2002
               Wet dog, Rainy city. by TobyFox2002
                  A drowned Rat. by TobyFox2002
                     The vixen of the wood. by TobyFox2002
         Portal Lab by Martin Prance
            Through the Portal by Martin Prance
               Head immediately back toward the Entrance by Martin Prance
                  Cautiously by Martin Prance
                     Through the Portal by Martin Prance
                  Enthusiastically by Martin Prance
                  Suspiciously by Martin Prance
               Go toward the Exit by Martin Prance
                  Cautiously by Martin Prance
                     back through by Martin Prance
                        Hair Growth by Martin Prance
                           Dream by Martin Prance
                              In the other world by Martin Prance
                                 Yes by Martin Prance
                                    You see her by Martin Prance
                                       Accept This by Martin Prance
                                       Fight This by Martin Prance
                                 No by Martin Prance
                  Enthusiastically by Martin Prance
                  Suspiciously by Martin Prance
      The Most Powerful Pokemon in the World! by Dustomega
      Amnesia by zanian
         Explore the room by zanian
            Move away from the door by zanian
               Wait for something to happen by zanian
                  Ignore it by zanian
                     Awake by zanian
                        Pain by zanian
                           Less Pain by zanian
                              Feathers by zanian
                                 bones cracking by zanian
                                    Awake again by zanian
                                       phoenix by zanian
      In a dungeon by ouroboros666
         Stay patient- bide your time by ouroboros666
            Turn Right by ouroboros666
            Turn Left by ouroboros666
               Seize a cleaver by ouroboros666
                  Change shape by ouroboros666
         Make a racket. You need to find out your circumstances, and perhaps someone will hear. by ouroboros666
            You don by ouroboros666
            A passphrase comes to mind. by ouroboros666
               Change your shape. by ouroboros666
            You recognise him. by ouroboros666
            Go insane. by ouroboros666
               Turn left by ouroboros666
               Turn Right by ouroboros666
      A new body by AnxiousRomeo
         Explore by AnxiousRomeo
            Wait until Night by AnxiousRomeo
               Search the forest by AnxiousRomeo
                  Discovered by AnxiousRomeo
                     Go with her by AnxiousRomeo
                        A curse by AnxiousRomeo
                           Stay by the Fire by AnxiousRomeo
                              Difficult Days by AnxiousRomeo
                                 status quo by AnxiousRomeo
                                    Don't get to Close by AnxiousRomeo
                                       Tell Her by AnxiousRomeo
                                          The new world by AnxiousRomeo
                                             Glide by AnxiousRomeo
                                                Walking by AnxiousRomeo
                                                   Drink by AnxiousRomeo
                                                      Wait the rain out by AnxiousRomeo
                                                         Fly Away by AnxiousRomeo
                                                            Search Franticly by AnxiousRomeo
                                                               Search until water is found by AnxiousRomeo
                                                                  A Person by AnxiousRomeo
                                                                     Treat by AnxiousRomeo
                                                                        Stay together for a while by AnxiousRomeo
                                                                           He hunts alone by AnxiousRomeo
                                                                              Follow Him by AnxiousRomeo
                                                                                 Caught by AnxiousRomeo
                                                                                    In the cell by AnxiousRomeo
                                                                                       Thrown out by AnxiousRomeo
                                                                                          Fly back by AnxiousRomeo
   Plant change by
      Yell for Help by An Anonymous Wierdo
         You're a Tree, and an Idiot. by An Anonymous Wierdo
         Whew! That was close. by An Anonymous Wierdo
            You wisely agree by An Anonymous Wierdo
               Wait aren't Nymphs... by Anonymous
   Ent by Hnhn
      Ent to enting by Hnhn
   Runner by catprog
      Griffon by catprog
         Climb the tree by catprog
            Jump by catprog
    The Artist by catprog
      Anthro Vixen by catprog