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Danielle turned around and managed to swallow down a gasp. Standing there was one of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen. Wearing an elegant black dress was a voluptuous woman who appeared to be in her forties and carried herself like a queen of old times. She was accompanied by a muscular sphinx, his body chiseled, and his blue gaze lost on his tablet.
The woman cocked an eyebrow, her lips turning up into a smirk. “I see you are new here, new to this all. What’s your name, my dear?”


Returning her gaze to the woman, Danielle swallowed. “Danielle,” she said automatically.
“Danielle. How sweet.” The woman took a step forward, analyzing the tigress with clinical eyes. She wanted to step away, but the woman grabbed her by the chin, chasing all thoughts of escape far away. “What a pretty little thing you are.”


Danielle could only need, strangely entranced by this woman.


“They call me Ahalya, I’m the owner of the Chrysalid.”


Danielle’s gasp had Ahalya laughing.


“Oh you are precious. So innocent.” Her fingernail scratched Danielle’s fur as she ran it down her cheek. “Now how on earth did you find yourself here?”


“I was following someone.” She couldn’t remember to breathe. “A white rabbit, I had never seen someone like him and I got curious.”


“We are always grateful to have some new clients for our little club. I hope you are enjoying what you have seem so far, we try to be a receptive folk.”


Written by Ashley-natter on 28 March 2018

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