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“This place seems unbelievable,” Danielle closed her eyes, focusing all her courage for what she was going to say next. “I hoped someone here could turn me back to normal…”


The rest of what Danielle planned to say was cut short as Ahalya pointed her towards one of the bays at the back of the club. This seemed to have been decorated differently from the others, there was a desk in the middle with a large hookah over it. Ahalya deposited Danielle on the pillows on the floor stool before she took a seat for herself, lazily taking one of the hookah’s pipe and dragging some of the smoke.


“I’m sorry...” Danielle laced her fingers together on her lap to try and stop herself from fidgeting, “Did I say something wrong?”


“I want to be perfectly clear about one thing. This club is a place for people to enjoy themselves and want to be free. I cater to a very specific clientele, and if you are going to start going around dealing with powers you don’t understand, then I will have to ask you to take your striped-ass out of here.”




“I’ve met people like you in the past. So obsessed with trying to revert things that you will do anything for it, never even stopping a moment to think about the consequences. Well that’s not going to happen here.” Ahalya took a second, long drag and blew blue smoke to the ceiling. “This is a place for entertainment, you want to start messing with magic, you walk out of here.”


“I’m sorry.” She hated how weak she sounded, how small she felt. Getting to her feet and doing her best to keep her legs from shaking, she started to back away from the desk. “I would never want to cause any problems for anyone. I’ll leave.”

Written by Ashley-natter on 03 April 2018

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