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"Let's go through the tunnel over there," Daniel said and pointed.


"Alright then" Pammy replied the five of them walked over to the tunnel and peered inside, it was pitch black.


"Hellooo!" David yelled inside and only an echo replied; David laughed.


"Anyone bring a flashlight then?" Pammy questioned.


"Here's mine" Gassam pulled out of pulled out of her backpack. "Though it is kind of messed up, you have to hit it a few times to turn it on." She flipped the switched and hit it on her leg until the light shone through the lens. She aimed it into the tunnel and all that could be see was darkness. Jake took the flashlight from Gassam.


"I will be the leader, follow close behind" Jake said started to walk into the tunnel. Everyone followed close behind, Daniel took a deep breath and followed suit.


It was dark in the tunnel, Daniel could barely see his own hand in front of his face. They had been walking for 10 minutes and no way out was to be seen. He could no longer see the entrance long lost behind him. He periodically tripped on the rocks under his feet.


Jake turned out the flashlight and started making ghost sounds.


"Ha ha, fooled ya," Jake laughed.


"Just turn the light back on, Jake," Daniel cried.


"Alright, alright already," Jake replied. He flipped the switch on the light and started thumping it a few times. "Darn it, the light won't work"


"Hit it harder," Gassam said.


"I am," Jake cried, "It isn't working." David could here him labouring over the light and eventually heard it clanging on the walls.


"Don't do that!" Daniel shouted


"Don't get your panties in a bundle, Daniel, it will work," Jake exclaimed. Moments later shattering glass could be heard throughout the tunnel. "Crap!" Jake shouted


"Look what you did, clumsy!" Gassam yelled.


"Sorry," Jake said sheepishly.


"Hang on a second guys," Pammy interupted, "Look, I can see a light" Daniel could see it as well. However he had enough fun for one night and wanted to turn back, he couldn't quite decide.


Turn back or continue on towards the light?

Written by Shuusuke on 03 June 2008

Run away
Towards the Light

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