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With the light at least offering a destination the group heads towards it. The chatting about the situations quickly descends into silence.


The light is soon replaced by the flickering of fluorescent tubes. Daniel finds himself in an empty room, no trace of his friends. "Where are you guys" he calls out to the empty room.


"Gone" his own voice calls out in echo.


"This is not funny, " he calls out " where are you?"


"Behind you" the echos says again.


He turns and sees an operating theater which in the next flash of lights is gone again.


"Behind you again" the echo calls again.


Turning around the theater has returned, along with people dressed up in operating gowns.


"I love this part. " the echo says again "the disorientation. The stolen voice. It is always so fun to watch."


"Stolen voice?" he asks, but instead of the human voice, the only thing to come out of his mouth is a lion growl.


"Oh a lion, always a good choice, but what else do we have."


Daniel can only watch as his hands change shape, fingers melting together , hooves forming.


"A horse perhaps?" the echo continues.


Large wings form on his back as he falls onto his new hooves struggling and failing to stay upright.


"Wings, don't see that every day. Perhaps a combination , even a mythic."


He moves along the walls frantically trying to find a way out, the quadruped motion seemingly natural all of a sudden.


The lights flash and the operating room is all around him. A prick in the neck and he falls to the floor unable to move.


The surgeons pick him up placing him on the bed and strapping him down. A silent scream through the mind as a mirror is wheeled in showing a collection of animal parts instead of the human he is.


The mirror changes again, the human is back, the surgeons taking a scalpel and cutting the clothes of, followed by the skin. No pain thankfully but blacking out.


"We never should of gone down that tunnel" a familiar voice said. "At least we have found everyone and can get out of here."


The feeling of being lifted and being placed in a bed as sleep finally comes.


Written by catprog on 04 November 2016

The end (for now)

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