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"You no what forget it, I am going back home!" Daniel yelled, as he ran off.
"Don't be such a scaredy cat! Jake replied. Daniel could barely hear him, his mind filled with thoughts and the echoing sounds of his footsteps. Daniel kept running until his breathing became rugged and heavy. He then stopped to catch his breath, he had been running for sometime now. "How long is this god forsaken tunnel" he thought. Soon he started walking, "I can't believe I am in this mess, forgot how much I hate the dark" he thought. He heard a sound some where far off; it was hard to locate with the echoing of the tunnel.


He started whistling a tune as walked, improvising it as he went on. Suddenly he fall and he was sliding down something. So many thoughts passed through his mind then. The one that stood out the most was: OH SHI-!


He finally reached the bottom, and hit his head hard on the ground. He started feeling light headed and his vision blurred, he reached for his forehead and felt blood trickling down his face. As he did so, he fell into the darkness and passed out.


When he finally came to he was looking into a bright light. After blinked a few times, he finally realised he couldn't move at all, even to turn his head. He was strapped down to a table tightly. He also noticed that he was naked, and suddenly felt embarrassed.


He closed his eyes hoping for it to all go away. So tight, tears came to them. When he opened them 3 people were standing over him, wordless.


"Who are you!" he shouted, "Answer me!". He noticed one holding a syringe in the light, it was a clear liquid. "What are you doing, wait stop!" and without much warning they injected the liquid into him. The shock of it caused him to panic, but shortly he passed out.


He later awoke in a dark room.He felt around for something to help him out, they could have at least given his clothes back. Something felt strange, something was sweeping past his legs as he crawled through the room. He felt for it and followed it up to his lower back and felt something tugging at him. He felt around the base and found that it was truly attached.


"What's happening to me!" he screamed, as he did what looked like a hatch opened behind him. It was a small crawlspace but light shone through. A door also opened to his left, but the light was dim, He was surprised Daniel he even saw it.


So follow the light or
head deeper into the jungle...


Written by Shuusuke on 15 June 2008

Follow the light

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