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Daniel sighed softly as he looked over at the light shining through that crawl space. It seemed like the most safe bet for escape, being in the light sure felt more reassuring than staying in the dark. He took deep breaths to muster as much courage as he could as he shakily walked towards the hatch. His new, slender tail swished behind him as he walked, a sensation that still felt rather foreign to him.


The sudden presence of the bright artificial light momentarily blinded Daniel as he hunched over and waddled into the passage. In his moment of disorientation the small entryway closed behind him, sealing him inside of the room. Slowly his vision returned to him, revealing a group of individuals clad in pristine lab coats looking over at him expectantly.


He yelped in surprise upon seeing the people, quickly trying to leave back from where he came. However, no matter how much he struggled, there seemed to be no way to open it back up. Defeated, Daniel turned to the others in the room, one hand modestly covering his privates as the other was raised in the air defensively.


“L-look,” Daniel stammered out, “I’m sorry for trespassing, I just want to go home…”


The figure in the middle cleared his throat, stepping forward slightly. “But you’re here now,” he said flatly, not a hint of any emotion in the statement, “we might as well make the most of it. Wouldn’t you agree?”


Written by Kolaghan on 06 March 2018


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