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A sense of dread overtook Daniel as he slowly looked around the room. It was a bright white, the scent of disinfectant tinged the air. There seemed to be no conventional doors in the room. Based on what Daniel knew about that crawl space he went through, it was safe to assume that there was no getting out unless they wanted him to. And he was fairly certain they didn’t want to.


It didn’t take long for him to notice the operating table close to center of the room. He’d have noticed it right away if not for focusing on the people in the room. At first glance it seemed like an average operating table. However Daniel was fairly certain that most operating tables don’t have leather straps to hold down the patient. Sure there would be one soft strap that helps hold a patient in place, but this thing had several, and none of them looked that comfortable.


“Please, lie down on the table,” the same man from before spoke. He stepped closer yet again, moving closer towards Daniel.


Before Daniel could even shake his head no the man was fishing for something in his coat pocket. Daniel’s eyes widened with shock as a small gun was aimed at him. It didn’t look like a normal pistol by any means, the barrel was large and the gun was more yellow than the standard matte black color.


Pain shot through his arm as the man fired right at Daniel. At first he assumed the worst, that there was a bullet lodged inside of him. Instead however there was a small dart poking into his skin. Not even a few moments later Daniel started to feel weak and woozy. The room started to spin all around him as he struggled to keep his balance. Everything suddenly just felt so heavy.


He could barely put up a fight as he was lead over to the operating table. It took almost all the energy he could to stay awake as the three scientists restrained him to the table. His heart was slowing and his breaths became more deep and labored. The exhaustion had come on so quickly, but it was entirely consuming, there was nothing Daniel could do but hold to consciousness.


The woman of group walked away for a moment, returning with two amorphous blobs in her hands. Daniel was too out of it to really think about ponder what they were, but an answer was swiftly delivered.


“Don’t worry,” the main scientist spoke as Daniel’s eyelids lowered more and more, “these aren’t normal implants.”


“Implaaa…-?” Daniel slurred out the beginning of his question yet was unable to finish the thought before passing out into the inky void of sleep.


Written by Kolaghan on 10 March 2018


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