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Why do people from this so-called prosper planet which seemed to possess higher intelligence, wanted to recruit people from Earth? It’s suspicious, you thought. You asked him that anyway.


He sighed before he answered you, “Unfortunately, we have a problem we’ve discovered since millennial ago. Our birthrate is far too low to maintain our race. Us Angels can only give birth once every few years and there are those who are becoming too picky on mating, and a lot, I do mean a very whole lot, didn’t even want to mate at all.” Right index finger of his pointing at the view outside the window, where the Angels –apparently that’s the name of their race—are seen gathering there.


“And,” he coughed before continuing, “we’re left with males more than females…,” you can see his light blush on the corner of his cheeks as he returned his gaze toward you.


Wow, he’s checking you out while you’re panicking about your future? You don’t know if you’re supposed to be flattered or freaked out, though. All of these are still unbelievable!


“W-well, if you just wait for a little bit, we can go to the library for more information, after I’m finished with my work?”


Did he just ask you for a date at the library?

Written by kelingking2 on 09 May 2016

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