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You’re not buying his crap whatsoever.


His stories are too much load of bull and you wanted to go home now that you know you’re being abducted by aliens. Bluntly, you stated your disbelief and asked for a way home.


“Well, it’s not that it’s impossible to bring you back to Earth, but the thing is the distance between Heaven and Earth is like some million light-years away? I think you can arrive back at Earth after… umm… hold on… let me count... ah, 284 Earth years! Yeah! If you want to do that, the next space-flight is tomorrow.”


How can this guy smiled so cheerfully all the while informing you such dreaded news?? You’ll be a skeleton or even a scramble of microscopic dusts once you’re back on Earth! What’s the point of going back if you’re dead by then?? So returning dead or staying alive are the only options??

Written by kelingking2 on 07 May 2016

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