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“You guys are being weird, plain and simple.” Dan could feel his skin crawl with forming goosebumps. These three were his friends for longer than forever. Even their worst pranks didn't give off the energy they were giving off right now. “Like children of the corn weird, it's down right creepy!” Dan rubbed his arms, he wasn't cold but it was funny how the creeps could make you feel cold.
“You have to pick.” Pammy, cute, charming cheerleader Pammy; said with a face colder than Dan's creepy feeling.
“You have to.” Gassen, the usual calm charmer kept up with the eerier unearthly voice.
“Have too,” Jake repeated the sentiment. Dan went from being creeped out, to feeling his stomach twist in the birth of fear.
“You must or this won't end!” David stood up, staring cold unreadable eyes right into his school star swimmer. Meaning he had more muscle in his pinky finger then Dan had in his whole body.
“Now David, this isn't like you buddy.” Dan backed into the door, the handle buried itself into the small of his back. David didn't hear him, maybe even couldn't! “David!” Dan yelled as David came at him with strong, unwavering steps.
“Say it.” David pinned Dan's shoulders to the door. He felt exposed and naked under his domineering gaze.
“Choose.” Pammy came in behind David. Dan tried pushing at David's arms, they wouldn't budge.
“Choose Dan.” Jake repeated in an inhuman chant, taking up a position on the left of David.
“Yes, choose.” Gassen came in on the right. Dan hit David's arm, not caring if he hurt his arms. He wouldn't let go, no matter how hard Dan striked at his arms or elbow joint.
“Choose,” they said together. Chanting it, pounding it into his ears. Dan couldn't take it anymore. His ears were ringing. His heart felt like it could explode at any moment. The crawling sensitization on his skin was only getting worse. Frankly, he was going to throw up any moment.
“Fine!” Dan shouted, making the chant stop almost the moment the word left his lips. The room was swirling and his friends were becoming nothing more than a swirl of colour. He felt more than saw David releasing his shoulder, giving him room to move. If Dan was going to do something – it was now.

Written by Psto1464 on 12 March 2022

Both Running
Both Kangaroo

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