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He took his chance and ran. Bringing his hands behind his back and twisted the door handle. Dan was outside the room faster than he thought he was capable of. His sneakers squeaked out noises of suffering as he belted his way down the hall. A rug had him slip, but with his adrenaline pumping he felt nothing and got up in an instant.
It was mere moments before he felt the sweet freedom of grassed lawn beneath his feet. Puffing he didn't stop until he reached the pavement. It was late, the sun had set, and lucky for him no one was on the road. Looking behind him, he saw that not a single one of his friends had chased him out either.
“If this was a joke, they would have came out.” Dan panted, he was no jock and the ordeal had left him winded and shaking. “Hurp,” Dan covered his mouth trying to stop the random flow from stomach to mouth. It didn't work and he found himself puking between his feet, splashing his shoes with the aftermath. A few hurls later, Dan tumbled to the ground. Feeling better now that he threw up but worse, now that some time had passed without his friends coming to check up on him.
“Are they okay?” Dan wiped his tongue on his arm. The inside of his mouth was a nasty mess. Should he go back inside? They could all be having a good laugh right now. Thinking it was funny that they managed to mess him up so bad. Dan looked down at the pavement, flicking a pebble off the road. “They could also need some help.” He just spent some time puking his guts out. Maybe it was some weird bug, and they all were sick, and it affected him less?
“What to do?” Dan weighed his option. There was really only one choice right then, at least for him.

Written by Psto1464 on 13 March 2022

Both Walk Home

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