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“I'm...'' Dan stuttered, caught, and rather easily too. He really had no idea what he was going to say. His mouth was dry and his stomach was turning. Acids breaking down more than whatever he had left over from super. “I am...” Dan trailed off.
“Yes?” David tipped his face up, the roaming skin tone colours that were spinning in the room assured Dan he was most likely looking at David's face.
“A kangaroo.” Dan whispered, revealing the face of many sleepless nights, off nightmares, of insecurities; of himself. “Gah!” It felt like Dan's heart pulled him to the floor. It couldn't even tell if he hit David, or the rest of his friends, on the way down. He thought they were close, but he couldn't focus on them anymore. The ball breaking pain returned. In fact that statement became literal. Falling on his sides he didn't know what to reach for, what to comfort. Everything hurts, and the pain was all he could focus on.
“Ah!” Dan lips opened into a yelp of pain instead of the cry for help he intended. It felt like Pammy had struck him in the ball with the sharpest of her heels. His chest felt sore, reaching for both, he swore his chest was swelling. Was it an allergic reaction? Dan's hand that ducked down to his groin, found his balls not only hurt but were shrinking!!
“Dan?” David's voice, his real voice wobbled in like his head was underwater. Dan moaned, and curled up into a ball hoping to protect himself from this pain. It did nothing to stop it or the horror of his own balls, not his own cock disappearing under his hand! “Dan!” David's voice becomes louder but fainter to his ears. The room had stopped spinning, but Dan felt like his spine was being pulled out from his lower back. A rattling feeling, that let him know that the vibration of his spine was moving his very bones, relocating it. Not just his spine, but every bone in his body was rattling with this same experience.
“He-” Dan tried to speak again, but his tongue tumbled inside his mouth. His tongue had to reach out further and missed the mark. Was his face changing? Stranger than fiction was the hurt, Dan reached up, giving up on his groin and feeling – his furry face? “Wha-” Dan bit his tongue, whimpering at his stupidity that added to his injuries. Then as suddenly as it came it stopped.
“What happened?” His words were thick and swollen, he wasn't even sure if what he wanted to be said was really said. His vision grew clouded, and finally he sunk into the dark. He swore in those last few seconds or minutes that it took for the darkness to take him. That he heard his friends yelling his name.
“Mmm,” Dan's voice sounded sweeter to his years, less like a broken frog and more like a cuing of a dove. That couldn't be my voice, Dan forced his eyelids open, though a part of them wanted to remain closed. The thing was that he didn't trust the part of him that wanted to keep it close. It felt like he would never open them unless he forced himself to do it right then, right now. “Pammy?” She was the first thing he saw when he woke up. She looked normal, from the sparkle in her eye to the forced smile on her lips.
“Pammy!” Dan sat upright too fast making his head spin, he remembered how strange not only Pammy but everyone else was being. He wanted to get away and flailed about in the process.
“It's okay, we're all okay.” Pammy waved her hands in the hair in the sign of surrender. Dan noticed the rest of his friends gathered around him. Dan looked around, he was on the floor before. He went to look down when Pammy stopped him, grabbing him by his muzzle. Wait, she grabbed him by his what?! “Do you want to look? I just don't want you to panic.”
“We had enough of that from Jake.” David muttered, giving Jake a side wise dagger with his eyes.
“I didn't panic,” Jake said, his voice high and excited as his body moved while he talked. “I was just really happy?” Jake said, sounding unconvincing.
“You don't even believe in yourself.” Gassen said, shaking his head and folding his arms across his chest. Hearing his friends, who sounded like his friends normally did; brought tears to Dan's eyes.
“I'm I holding you too hard?” Pammy let go of Dan's... muzzle. He didn't care about that right yet, he was just happy they were normal again. “Sorry.”
“You guys are back to normal.” Dan wiped his eyes dry. “You guys were not funny. Was this some sort of prank Pammy?” Dan asked Pammy directly, pegging her for the ringleader if this was some sort of joke.
“No prank Dan.” David ran his hand through his short hair. “Even we felt weird.”
“Like we were being controlled.” Gassen turned his head away, face distorted in a look Dan couldn't pin down.
“It was not right,” Jake said, in a rare moment of seriousness. “It wasn't right,” he repeated before turning away from Dan.
“It's not as bad as what happened to you.” Pammy was the only one still looking at him. “Things have changed, you must have noticed.” Dan nodded at Pammy's words, he felt different. Good but different. “Do you want to look?”
“It changed for all of us.” David said looking paler all of the sudden, like he was going to be sick.
“Could we be next?” Gassen asked, looking green around the gills himself.
“I could make it work,” Jake muttered leaning against the bed's pine footboard.

Written by Psto1464 on 15 March 2022

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