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“You guys don't look so good.” Dan pointed out, they looked very much like how he felt just before this big change.
“Speak for yourself-” Jake said, slapping a hand over his mouth, his charge for Pammy's on-suite bathroom.
“Bucket,” Gassen begged while his tanned skin went to an impossible shade of white.
“Shit, not again!” Pammy ran out of the room, looking for a bucket Dan assumed; just as David hit the floor. His bones snapping with a spine chilling clarity. Dan shot out of bed, stumbling a bit while his unfamiliar tail got in the way of his newly formed feet. The kangaroo's feet are on the bottom of human shaped thighs. Had his tail swinging wildly behind him to catch him back in balance. Being a complete noob at his new form and being a natural klutz. Made for a bad combination.
“Ka!” Dan let out a feminine scream as he fell right into Gassen's arms. His face was splitting into two right in front of his eyes. “Oh my god!” Dan sounded a lot like Pammy right then. He held onto his friend's face trying to stop the river of blood that flowed from his words. Placing his palms on Gassen's skin, felt weird, his smooth skin felt like wet fur?
“Don't touch him!” Pammy came back into the room. Her scream made Dan jump back and stepped on his new, very tender tail.
“Ouch!” Dan's high pitch whimper had Gassen wrapping his arms around Dan's waist and tugging him close. It got Dan off his tail, but Gassen's grip hurt. Wincing he had to place his hands on Dan's shoulders for balance. He could feel the muscles rippling like waves in a pool under his hands. “Gassen?” Dan whispered to his friend, Gassen gave Dan a crooked smile. Eyes so dark, Dan doubted they were Gassen's, but he knew who was staring at them.
“Touching will only make it worse, Gassen, let Dan go!” Pammy's hair was a mess and she was sweating more than after cheer practice. Still, Dan saw that she was stronger than any of them. She had David pulled to the side with a bucket in his hands, by the time Dan had even bothered to check on him. “Remember when you tried to help Dan?” Pammy tried to talk Gassen from letting go, he only pulled Dan in tighter. His head falling into Dan's shoulder.
“I can hold him,” Dan knew Pammy just said touching only made it worse, but if Gassen needed touching then that was the least he could do. “Are they changing too?” Dan whispered to Pammy. Hoping they wouldn't hear. Dan didn't remember the pain of his transformation, it was like a bad dream, gone when he woke up. He can't believe he went through this! Now his friends Gassen, David and poor Jake who Dan almost forgot!


“Jake's alone in the bathroom!” Dan whispered in horror. Pammy growled to herself, saying something he couldn't hear. Dan ignored the crying that was making his ears ache from the bathroom. He focused on Gassen in his arms, whispering nonsense, while keeping eyes on David. Who seemed to have passed out after puking. “This was going to be a long night.” Dan said, and he didn't know how long he held Gassen for, before he passed out; pure exhaustion taking him away until dawn.
“Dan, wake up.” Gassen's familiar accent drifted into his sleep. Did they sleep over at Pammy's again? Dan didn’t like getting up early, but if he hadn't got up at the crack of dawn with the others. Pammy would have his hide. The only one who took his side was Jake, who hated early mourning as much as he did.
“Mmm,” Dan snuggled closer to the firm soft warmth that he had in his arms.
“Dan!” Pammy's voice came at him full throttle, along with a familiar hard hit of a pillow.
“Demon,” Dan whimpered, opening his eyes to her towering over him. She looked ragged, with deep bags under her eyes and her hair knotted and matted with sweat. “A sweet kind demon,” Pammy's eyes narrowed at Dan, she opened her mouth and closed it with a sigh.
“So what do we do?” David came in beside Pammy. He looked just as bad, but with that acid smell that you could only get from puking too much.
“Personally, I think this is awesome!” Jake came tumbling around the corner of the bed. He looked like he did. Dan's mouth dropped at Jake, who was a mixture of kangaroo and human. Flexing his forearms he looked smug? Could he look smug, he was also wearing an oversized black sweater. He stood about the same height as David.
“You would enjoy it.” David shook his head, “but we need a plan. Now that Dan is up, let's think of one.”
“Why are only Jake and I kangaroo's?” Dan asked, when his warm bed sat up beneath him.
“I think you mean Gassen, Jake and I?” Gassen's voice came out of the muzzle of the sharpest looking grey kangaroo that Dan had ever seen. Dan opened his mouth and closed it again. Too flustered to speak. Dan felt strange looking up at Gassen. His body felt strange too. It tingled where they touched, and Dan was touching Gassen all over, their bodies still pressed together. Dan didn't know when it happened, but he could feel Gassen's hand running up his back from under the blanket.
“You're much larger than I am.” Dan's mouth dropped the first thought that entered his mind.
“That's because I'm a male.” Gassen said, patting his head between the ears.
“Okay, break it up you two.” Pammy's arms grabbed Dan from under her arms. Dragging him off Gassen and the bed. “Clothes for you, and Gassen control those pheromones.” He was dragged into the bathroom by Pammy, who closed the door behind them.
“Okay, Dan.” Pammy put her hands on her hips. “Kangaroo or human, a girl is a girl.” Dan nodded, fearful to open his... her mouth? “Boobs,” Dan looked down and yes he had a large breast. A clear sign that he was now a she. “Clear reaction to the hot guy. Not how we cool girls roll.” Pammy tossed a shirt off her shower curtain at Dan's head. “Shirt on, hormones controlled.” Dan slipped on the shirt that was a bit snug around his, no her, bust.
“Okay, we're good.” Pammy slammed open the door. Dan walked out behind her. Shaking her head. Guy or girl he... she was no different. They were no different.
“Girl talk over so soon.” Jake said, bouncing on his new feet.
“Whatever this is, at least we haven't changed where it counts.” David said, his lips twisting into a toothy smile. “Cringe worthy as that statement was.”
“We have this,” Gassen said, lounging comfortably on the bed making Dan feel a little squirmy.
“Yeah, we do.” Dan said, feeling more confident about the future, Dan glanced at Gassen, before turning away with a hot unidentified feeling.

Written by Psto1464 on 19 March 2022

The end (for now)

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