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It was the base of all life, water. It had to be your top priority, afterall, dehydration hits before starvation. The first thing you noticed was the dewey films on most of the foliage. The thick wax lining the ridges of the leaf gave you a clever idea to catch condensation. Shortly after you had developed a device for you too to catch and collect whatever droplets of nature’s sweet nectar in a little woven basket you crafted. You lined it with beeswax and used it as a container to catch water.
Your hard work paid off; it showed in your exhausted body as you rested for a while, letting the water around you purify. It didn’t take long for you to collect a decent amount of water and you had almost fallen asleep while doing so. You regretted skipping that nap earlier, but you knew that you were way more excited for the water than anything else. The little bit of sleep could wait, though you were delirious, you wanted to tough it out like the champ you are.
The device’s efficiency was above par to say the least, having collected a couple liters of water by the end of the following day. Your stomach was empty, your head spinning with exhaustion, but at least you were able to finally get some water.

Written by Driftingdragon on 19 February 2021

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