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By the moment your device was full, you did not hesitate to throw back the water as if it was the first drink of your life. The delicious rivulets of water poured down your face as your throat moved more and more of the substance into your stomach. The fluids tasted weird and a bit bitter, something that felt fibrous and slick stuck to your teeth, and the aftertaste that of an earthy mix of dirt and silt.
As much as you wanted to deny it, the drink wasn’t the best you’ve ever had, but at least it was somewhat chilly! Your stomach almost seemed to agree with you, it gurgled and made odd noises as you patted yourself over your bloated belly. Out came a burp, and your eyes began to go crossed with exhaustion. Without hesitation you curled up on the floor, clutching your stomach, and sweating profusely. The droplets pooled on your brow bone and dropped its way down to your nose. Something didn’t feel right.
You felt the grumbling in your stomach as it moved lower throughout your torso, at once you realized what this was. Your hands began to shake as you realized that you probably ingested so much bacteria that your stomach wouldn’t be able to handle the foreign entities. A wail of agony and discomfort escaped your lips, and you could feel your body rejecting the disgusting cocktail you just consumed.
Vision faded, black spots began to take up your vision, and your peripheral view was shrinking rapidly. The gurgling in your stomach was loud enough for it to sound like a thunderous boom as your hearing started to go afterwards. A tingling spread upward from your toes and fingertips, before traveling even farther up your extremities, a cold shiver fell upon you, and your mind started blanking.
“I bet if I take a nap I’ll feel better.” You struggled through the thought, and foolishly thought this would be an end to your pain. In a way, it will be. The last thing your mind’s chemicals could come up with was an excuse for hope, and therefore, you will at least be in peace.

Written by Driftingdragon on 22 February 2021

The end (for now)
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